A Vote for Corruption Equals Hillary Clinton

A Vote for Corruption Equals Hillary Clinton

Action and behaviors to include policies that pose to enslave the American people speak louder than words. The most dramatic change if Hillary wins is her getting Supreme Justices (injustice more likely) that will for years work to take away liberties and our gun rights which were in place (2nd amendment right to protect ourselves and mainly from tyrannical abusive of its power, government that as of late has colluded in many ways to profit and propel forward a one world government which poses to enslave not just the United States but the entire world.


Many forget that we elect individuals from our States and neighborhoods to serve the needs, well-being and interests of the general public and not for the elected to harm, loot and or abuse the public. This includes the not going along to deceitfully change via carefully crafted new legislation changes to our Constitutional Republic form of government (a  government that represents the people and not the main interests of those at top tier running the government) to gain mostly facilitating the path to a one world government or new world order. A centralization of global power did not work in the past with Kings and Queens from the days of old and certainly will not work today since many seem to worship the interests of Lucifer and not the general population. Not to deviate from the election subject; however in Christianity the creator gives us the choice and not by force with allowing us free will to accept his kingdom whereas Lucifer and his followers do not for wish to impose by force and behind the scenes policies on all people and control them such as with trans-humanism (robotics, artificial biology, remote control like technologies etc.) without allowing us the ability to reject it. (This is similar to Hitler’s dream of a totalitarian ruling in which only his version of existence and those in inner circle, wanted to force on humanity regardless if others did not with their beliefs of human existence here on earth and in the afterlife) no matter how bizarre or fantastic.


This working its way today slowly by those wishing to centralize power via Smart Meters (placed in our homes without our consent controlling our utilities remotely), plans for control of our private property slowly but incrementally via Agenda 21/2030, medical government control over health care (easy way to place agenda driven products into the general population medical supplies) Smart Cities, self-driven cars, cell phones that can remotely harm people (movie Cell predictive media), dumping chemicals in our water supplies, etc.. for on and on the list goes). This is exactly what total insults and abuses of power; however permanently if we lose our Republic representative of the people form of government.


Civics is no longer being taught in many schools and the need to know that since man’s innate behavior tends to be predatory perhaps from our fall from grace; we need to constraint the government by remaining a Republic and not allow those abusing power to continue. The Constitution and many city and county charters do just that, limit the power of the government not the people so it does not become totalitarian in nature to later abuse them as in the days of old Roman empires.

So what is abuse of power? Violating the rules of public office such as Hillary has done since secretary of State and beyond with bypassing the rules and creating a Foundation in which obscure donations that later have favors attached posing to threats to America (includes control of internet to global body), preparing our country for more war with Russia, Benghazi death of our diplomats and later military Seals team 6, and private e-mail serves in which we know that the Utah Center and global interests are harnessing data from inside our most important government posts that will further take us to world government. On and on the lists of abuses of power and corruption go. Trump has issues but none as threatening as Hillary who has even spoken at world Federation and many world government money powers organizations’ both here and abroad. Her actions while in the public trust speak Lauder than her pledge of goodwill to the people. Her ruling will definitely be the destruction of what little is left of our Republic. Remember our creator and a Republic form of government allows free will; the global government does not.

Elections 2016 Primary Issue Justices that could take away liberties with Hillary Clinton so important to support Donald Trump for President. Yes, I know has many issues but having appointed by Hillary Justices and others far worse. Perform or do your due diligence in researching prior to voting since Liberty is king to social issues of being straight or not. If you have liberty you can be however you want not the world government version of you or humanity.

If you have any questions about your ballot, please call the El Paso County Clerk and Recorder’s office at (719)575-VOTE (8683). Study voting sent booklet. Jeff Crank has many years’ experience review his site for the more mainstream type of “liberty issues” conservatives. Please know that many say are with “Her” or should they be with Christ if truly liberty loving Christians of free will and not of totalitarian evil forces that seek global power and monetary total gain that demonstrated global preferences like Mitt Romney/MacPain, Ted Cruz (North American Union draft contributor), Glenn Beck et al.

My choices in importance:

Donald Trump for President – again I focus mainly on top Justices choices or appointees that will keep liberties not his hair etc.

State Board of Education              Steven Durham

4th Judicial District

Judge Robin Lynn Chittum            Yes

Judge David A. Gilbert                  Yes

Judge Deborah J. Grohs                 No

Judge Gilbert Anthony Martinez    Yes

Judge G. David Miller                    Yes

Judge Marla Prudek                        Yes

State Initiated Constitutional Amendments

Amendment 69 – Government Run Health Care                    No

Amendment 71 – Change Ballot Issue Requirements            No

I believe most county commissioners are corrupt pretending to be for liberty but acting in global interests in destruction of constitutional government in favor of Regionalism path to global government. Due diligence and study more on past voting and stances by these groups; again this is my opinion. Mark Wallard and Larry Liston in particular pretend to be about liberty but taking actions that are not.


Article by David W. Frengel



Imagine how other nations feel when they realize America is imposing corporate Globalization on them under the “guise” of free trade. This bad neighbor policy will continue to cause war. And because America is the de facto symbol of Christianity in the world, the spread of corporate capitalism ____________witness. (Lost text on document) The founders not only warned against the tyranny of the monied powers, they also counseled “commerce with all nations, entangling alliances with none. “ The trade agreements that extend “international economic integration” are dangerously entangling pacts that do little to spread genuine democracy and free enterprise.

Good fences make good neighbors. If we set the same legal- financial constraints on foreign commerce as those we have on domestic commerce, the nations that genuinely desire to engage in mutual beneficial trade will align with our system while those that desire our wealth but do not respect the Western norms that undergird our way of life will limit commerce with us by their own choices.
The result will be a normal healthy form of globalization.

If we act faithfully, we will enjoy renewed relationships of friendship, cooperation, and commerce with all nations, and they will learn to appreciate our heritage in the liberating gospel of Jesus Christ.

Tower of Babel original try at globalization

Tower of Babel original try at globalization

Reforming the System

Every religion warns of conflict between commercial and civil values. America has a long history of opposing inordinate corporate power. Big “G” Globalization renders every national economy virtually powerless against unelected and unaccountable corporate powers. In the U.S. today, the monied powers control nearly every civil authority that was instituted to prevent this. Reforming the U.S. trade regime according to the sound principles of our Christian heritage is the best way to reverse this situation.

Supporters of market economics should support reform rather than imply trade on any terms is the only sound approach – a sure path to economic suicide. Opposition to big “G” Globalization is not protectionism. The choice is not limiting government or limiting free enterprise. The battle is between genuine rules-based free trade and global anarchy.

Our liberty and prosperity are not historically based on minimizing government but on maintaining the critical balance between the power of civil government and that of private money powers and preventing both from plundering working people.
Small and medium enterprises can grow and thrive alongside large ones only where there is fair and consistent application by the government of just national and international business law.

There are established rules to remedy nearly all of the unfair trade practices that threaten our economy and our future. Christians on both sides of the issue would greatly benefit from exploring these together. The prayerful discernment of those God has called and gifted to serve in this arena would yield much good fruit to the glory of God, the advancement of the gospel, and the good of all.

Written by David W. Frengel
Saved from a meeting years ago at a Business Office Park
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Presidential Candidates on Globalization and Trade 

Voters need to do their due diligence in checking Presidential candidates roles or stances past and present on US Trade. Have some compromised our future independence? Have they worked on changing our Trade policies to meet a higher agenda in merging the US with other foreign countries down the road? Is Trade policy a back door for dissolving our Constitutional Republic representative form of government? How good is it to allow all aspects of our daily lives to be taken over such as economy, education, property and health?  What is behind all the smoke and mirrors?  If so did communism, fascism and Oligarchies’ respect and care for individuals or the people of any country or did they end up suffering terribly?

America, our prosperity and liberties are in great jeopardy. Most people I have met truly love and care about our country. Many become gullible and believe all the sound bites and propaganda coming from agenda driven radio and television (Tell a vision) and who’s vision is it they wish for us to follow?  What motivates market forces? In business school the right answer is Greed. Local people create products and services to help with local or societal needs; however at the top of the big $$$ food chain it is pure Greed and reason we should keep our checks & balances in government to include our Republic. The Constitution was set up to Limit the over reach and power take over of our government. So voters need to keep from being naive. Without constraints centralizers super elites could even destroy the earth just for profit and greed at any cost to others. The nature of man was a fall with sin. No one should take over everything about others for the potential for abuse is huge.  No man on earth is that pure to do things for pure benevolent reasons.  Our right to be secure in our persons and property prevents them from coming in and abusing citizens in their homes. Yet today under fake trade, onerous religions stances etc, we are losing our liberties and properties via backdoor agenda driven programs such as common core, agenda 2030, global terrors, agenda 21 etc.

Look it up:

Sanders member of CFR, communist ideologies,  and wishes for down the road cashless society.

Hillary has endorsed and supported globalist education, programs, and literature. Has global elitists large donors. Benghazi and e-mail breech of confidence towards the public.

Ted Cruz- in trade has not a good record. He was director of Policy Planning for the Federal Trade Commission. It stated that Presidential candidate Cruz helped push for a North American Union and behind when Bush went to meet with Vicente Fox and signed something without voters approval called the Security and Prosperity Pact and reason we no real border enforcements. Heidi Cruz was a CFR member and VP for Goldman Sacks. She was aware of the 2008 banking crisis. In CFR book and report on page 33-34; available on CFR webpage or other library sources Heidi Cruz stated, “I support the task force report and its recommendations aimed at building a more prosperous North America…” Building the North American Union Report.

Onerous religious stances must be analyzed such as dominionism, Sharia and Noahide laws that if brought to America could get people stoned if they do not behave in a certain manner. America has freedom of religion and individual liberties. Under globalism and to compromise diverse cultures for the blending of foreign powers; horrible punishing laws could come down on the people such as stoning or persecutions of all kinds. Also, poisonous foods and products under the fake free trade.

The top leaders with many of their advanced degrees know full well what they are doing to include pushing their deceptions for future inimical agendas towards the people. What can we do? Try to change it by participation and pray each day for it may be too late. Our oceans are dying due to Fukashima and at this point as a society we failed to chase out the sociopaths that are career politicians in our congress.  Treason is taking place. Many precinct leaders that I know will not run again for very disappointed in the take over and the obvious blatant corruption.  We may be able to draw on the super power of our creator to reverse course. Our creator said, occupy until I come. In other words we must stand for liberty and the wellness of ourselves and neighbors. Our creator does not expect parents to allow for their children to be poisoned or forced to eat bad contaminated food. Also, our body is our temple and should be respected. Hopefully a miracle will save us and our creator will protect us; however we are expected to be good stewards. Advice from other caring people:
Read and understand the Authorized Bible (the King James Bible).
Establish a One on One personal relationship with JESUS through the Holy Ghost before it’s too late.

Christendom and Globalization: Part 3

Christendom and Globalization: Part 3

When discussing globalization, we must carefully distinguish between the natural acceleration of closer relations among world cultures caused by modern technology
and the unnatural corporate capitalistic monoculture being forced upon us under the guise of “free trade”. We carelessly use the term “globalization” to label both phenomena but the difference between them is profound. The former is normal human development; the latter is radical ideology- Globalization with capital “G”.

Big “G” Globalization transcends the authority of nation states and integrates nations into a global political-economic system under the control of corporate capitalism. The technical term for this is “international economic integration. “ The first President Bush called it “The New World Order.” The international monied powers are using U.S. trade policy to advance corporate Globalization and to force the integration of nations with incompatible political and economic systems- like China and U.S. into the system. This unworkable scheme will end in disaster.

US Trade Transpacific Partnership TPP  copy

This aggressive and unnatural form of globalization is rapidly undermining what is left of our constitutional republic and free enterprise system. The effects are everywhere. The US middle class is rapidly shrinking and mid-sized cities, small towns, and rural communities are declining as manufacturing industries disappear offshore and agribusiness and big box corporate importers gobble up small farmers and merchants. The impact on the disadvantaged in our inner cities is devastating.
The impact on nations like Mexico is even worse.

As a result of NAFTA, American agribusiness and multinationals greatly expanded operations in Mexico. Masses of small farm families were dispossessed and thousands of small manufacturers were put out of business. The result has been widespread unemployment and migration. The Mexicans are hard-working people with strong family values. Fro millions desperate to support their families, the only option was to seek work in the U.S. (A wall will not keep them out).

The big “G” Globalists also engineered our trade relations with China. They knew the Chinese had neither the ability nor the will to abide by the rules of free trade, but they were determined to bet the future of America on the gamble that in a global trade free-for-all, they could impose corporate Globalization there too. They call this gamble “engagement.” No matter how it turns out they will make trillions in the process.

Image below: Hillary endorses Henry Kissinger “New World Order” theme book

Hillary Clinton endorsement of Henry Kissinger New World Order theme book

Hillary endorsements of New World Order that will destroy US independence.


Phony “free trade” promotes corporate Globalization and makes it impossible for governments’ to govern justly. Rather than advancing political liberty, corporate Globalization corrupts our government and surrenders our national sovereignty to the New World Order. It is a deceitful force that is destroying what remains of our Christian heritage.

A primary aspect God’s mandate to man at Creation was to open the potential of the good of Creation to bring forth just and abundant life (Gen. 1:28). Man’s fall into sin unleashed dark spiritual forces that war against this covenant mandate- forces that seek only to steal, kill, oppress, and enslave. Jesus called them “Mammon” and declared we “cannot serve God and Mammon” (Mt 6:24). Big “G” Globalization is the very essence of Mammon. From the biblical perspective, the New World Order is the enemy of Christendom.

Faithful to His Word, acts progressively throughout history to reform or overturn
every oppressive regime the thwart’s the faithful obedience of His people. The Body of Christ, empowered by the Holy Spirit, is called to war against strongholds and the rulers, authorities and powers of this dark world that are in league with the spiritual forces of darkness. (2 Cor. 10:5, Eph. 6:12). The New Testament urges the church to live as “a city on a hill” and not as citizens of the Mammonish social order they are supplanting.

Our failure to oppose big “G” Globalization and the New World Order for the right reasons is to deny our Christian biblical heritage and the church’s Great Commission. The Lord will certainly visit appropriate disciplines upon us if we thus deny the faith. This presents a special challenge to Christian political leaders.

Note: Both democrats and Republicans have supported erroneous fake “free-trade policies” and calling it falsely free-trade when in fact it is Managed Trade by the World Trade Organization (WTO) that is full of unelected by voters officials going after big bucks $$$ for those that pay and not the well-being of voters nor the communities or countries in which they live; leading us eventually and the world into an Oligarchy plutocrat led society. The end result could become after big bucks and land take over via agenda 21 land grab (Agenda 2030 etc destruction of our property rights) a one world government centralized fascist dictatorship.

Establishment: Defying Logic and Voting Confidence

How is it that a country with the most educated workforce and best Universities continues to spiral down with business as usual modes operandi? When will the people just point and say, Hey you are the Emperor and you have no clothes. Our country continues to follow and believe all the falsehoods presented to them. The media outlets to include radio stations regurgitate what seems to be handed down news scripts often without any fact checking or verification as in years past. Propaganda and no matter how big the lies; have been made legal as in dictatorships and or oppressive communist countries. Journalism today now highly depends on getting very beautiful and exotic female newscasters to include well groomed tailored men to give us the preposterous often-evil stories disguised as goodness. In the mean time our politicians now can break laws, place our people at risk of death and even run for office regardless of their corrupt and evil found behavior. If this continues our country, the only place on earth known for it’s checks and balances and respect for the individual to include their liberties will become a failed state.

audience everything is ok Television News

Television news pretty perfect anchor women

The global one-world government aficionados on both side of the isle, democrat or Republican continue to march us into an Oligarchy that will devour the entire earth with their madness and diabolical plans for humanity. Plans seem to include a trans-humanist, sub-human, sub-class society ruled by Oligarchs’ that could harness so much power as to force vaccinations with hidden agendas, bad food and restrictions of movement with the Agenda 21, now rebranded 2030 and Google in the works grid-controlled self-driven cars. Control over people, land and even every single aspect on earth is total insanity and the people have failed to protect our Constitutional Republic. How could this happen? Why so little information on candidate’s prior works while in congress?

I suppose perhaps what Bertrand Russell and the Unesco founder discussed at a University interview so many years ago; that people will be taught to love their servitude has worked. Tavistoc Institute and its social engineering via media have worked. To think most Americans believe in their psyche to be strong, smart and on top of everything; yet today fail to protect themselves, businesses and families. The train wreck coming full force our way may not be able to be stopped. Hollywood seems to poke fun at the populace by making movies in which fiction mimics reality. For example, take the movie Snow Piercer in which there are 2 distinct classes and no middle class on board this train that cannot be stopped for catastrophe would occur in the environment and falsely to keep the people accepting all circumstances on board the train no matter how abusive or dehumanizing to the sub-class workers. Total control over everyone on board increased the abuses of those laborers working hard to keep that train running. Snow Piercer movie attempts to point out the insane model running a system. Even if painful many fail to ask questions and determine to change their destiny. In the movie a few in in the back rebel with great suffering and loss only to find the guy in charge running the train self-serving and believed himself better than others, that even if it did not make sense (situation in the train such as slavery and bondage of their young children etc.) people needed to be in check and controlled and ruled by a top person. At the end, one of the workers was able to jump off that fast train and was able to see animal life outside. Still the conclusion tries to tell that changes are not easy, people could be persuaded to accept evil to their own peril and yes that humanity attempts to find a light; however with new technologies bondage could become permanent. History and study of present and past ruling governments have shown that totalitarian ruling systems always have abused the citizenry and with disastrous consequences, often leading to massive deaths. All such ruling systems lied and promised great things to the people until they surrendered themselves and later abused horribly.

Most of us no longer can continue to serve in a system full of lies. Voters confidence has dwindled with good reason for those leading on top are the biggest liars and deceivers. We must vote to change the existing bureaucracy. Yes, it will be difficult and not easy; however just like the movie The Snow Piercer America needs to change course from the existing deceptive model running. Emperors you have no clothes.

image by ddees.com


Christendom and Globalization Part 2

Article authored by David Frengel


The current battle over U.S trade policy is a perfect example. The transnationalist capitalist powers regale the virtues of free markets. However, throughout history, when not constrained countervailing forces, they have continuously corrupted the market in order to leverage and expand their global interests. They do this by undermining the laws that are designed to restrain them.

The U.S. opened trade with China because the Chinese agreed to conduct trade within Western legal-financial boundaries. Instead they are using outlawed protectionist and mercantilist schemes to give their products a huge unfair competitive advantage in the global market and to plunder our economy. Americans who are losing their livelihoods are pressuring the U.S. government to enforce the law on China.

But our federally elected officials refuse to act because the corporate capitalists who are benefitting from the status quo in East Asia control both political parties. When there is a move to enforce the rules of free trade the corporate state marshals its forces to kill the effort under the banner of “free-trade”.

One of the most blatant and damaging of China’s predatory trade policies is illegal currency manipulation, the modern equivalent of what the bible calls “unjust weights” which God detests. And currency manipulation is lining the pockets
of transnational’s.

Bipartisan legislation to enforce the rules against currency manipulation has begun to mover through congress. But top administration officials are criticizing the action and urging congress not to stop the status quo. All the key congressional leaders are knuckling under.

The founders understood that a corrupted currency is one of the most pernicious and fundamental needs by which the money powers regularly steal the wealth of the people. And Abraham Lincoln declared ..”No duty is more imperative on…government, than the duty it owns the people of furnishing them with a sound and uniform currency”.

The lack of trade law enforcement permits the transnational monies elites to plunder honest working people. This is obviously not genuine rules-based free trade; it is global trade anarchy, a corrupted trade free-for-all that has unleashed rapacious market forces on workers and small enterprises. It is the very kind of corruption about which the founders warned.

End of part 2.

[Commentary: This article was written a few years ago; however it serves as a study in which to understand what may be happening with today’s economy. In addition to analyze the concept of free trade; one may ask if a valid concept since it’s truly managed by unelected officials, the World Trade Organization (WTO). Students from our best Universities most who have paid thousands for their education and career politicians repeat the word “free-trade” like a mantra or memorized meme. However, is it really free trade or a phony concept that transfers our sovereign country’s wealth? Also, one could note that since all these policies have been slipped under the radar, America and the world have more poisonous food and products in addition to today’s the Dark Act in todays congress will threaten health even more since they wish for no labeling of genetic engineered food on packaging etc. and no country of origin. Actually today labels morph or blend several countries together].

Christendom and Globalization: Part 1

Article and research by David W. Frengel

Note: This information was given out at an event years ago attended at a manufacturing and business park hub in which individuals from several industries met. The purpose of the gathering was to discuss the trends towards globalization that was starting to cause increase unemployment rates in the city of Colorado Springs. Their business forecasting models showed that it would exacerbate over the next few years.

Companies from out of state were also affected since enjoyed affordable business rates from our state that also included a better-educated work force. This was also a time that was extremely rare to see people with cardboard signs asking for money in front of retail box store and or other establishments. This trend has also increased over the years. The purpose of the study was to bring awareness towards the negative effects globalization could have worldwide and especially to our nations unique founding principles. America maintained the most productive and rewarding form of work force that also enjoyed a more ethical balanced trade. A system that provided a good living to all that wished to better their neighborhoods, have higher quality safe products and living standards. Colorado brewery industry may face new competition from large grocers that wish to provide their type of products. This will make market penetration from global suppliers easier and may affect this local industry. Voters may be asked to decide on this issue and again transnational’s opt for high product penetration regardless of how it may or not affect local employment. Will this add to people already holding signs but now it will grow towards our local grocery stores? Good question and worth analyzing.

From Christendom to Secularism

Western culture is referred to as “Christendom”-the dominion of Christ- because the gospel impacted western social structures more deeply than those of any other culture. This accounts for the unprecedented reality that Western societies have historically enjoyed great prosperity and a just and stable social order simultaneously with limited government and great personal liberty.

When Reformed Protestants came to this continent to build a society deliberately founded on the biblical worldview, they advanced western thinking about social order even further. The result was the unique constitutional representative democratic republic and free enterprise system of early America.

Now the American system is being strained close to the breaking point politically, economically, and even spiritually; and many around the world are expressing concern about American-style globalization. What happened?

The brief answer offered here is that free enterprise and the constitutional republic created by the founders are very different from corporate capitalism and the corporate state, and that this difference leads to two very different types of globalization. To comprehend this, we must understand the early American perspective regarding the right exercise of government authority over free enterprise.

Externally, the American political economy is constrained by an integrated system of business law regarding taxation, trade, finance, currency, contracts, competition, the rights of owners and workers, the use of natural resources, and due process to name a few. These laws facilitate and encourage free enterprise and productive development and protect private property from wrongful taking by government or money powers.

But the founders knew that a work ethic plus the external constraints of the law were insufficient to stop sinful human beings entrusted with greater political liberty than ever before from corrupting the system and destroying the new republic. Therefore they enlisted every American social institution to foster in the hearts of all citizens a religious commitment to the biblical foundations of the American social order.

With free enterprise thus operating among the populous constrained internally by a Christian civil ethos and externally by biblical civil law, free enterprise and market forces in America drove not only tremendous economic development but also a more equitable distribution of opportunity and wealth that has been accomplished by any other system. The result was a predominant American Middle Class rather than a concentration of wealth and power , one of the most important performance measures of any political economy.

Unfortunately, in the last century or so modernism and post-modernism have combined to divide the church in America into a Christian Right that has a dualistic approach to public life and a Christian Left with a more secular and pluralistic approach. As a result, the American Christian civil ethos has been supplanted by a commitment to personal well-being and pragmatic shot-term special interest politics.

Just as the founders warned, American with hearts guarded by self-interest rather than God’s Spirit and Word are corrupting the social order. As a consequence, our system is devolving back into arbitrary law and tyranny of the wealthy and powerful. The power of the monies interests has eclipsed the power of our government and undermined genuine rules based free enterprise. This is not to imply that large banks and corporations are unnecessary or inherently evil; but like everything else, their impact for good or ill depends on their proper ordering within the constraints of biblical norms. End of part 1

Note: Secularism is a noun and its definition a secular spirit or tendency, especially a system of political or social philosophy that rejects all forms of religious faith and worship. (Dictionary.com, 2016).

Post Caucus Feedback and Need for Public Education

Presidential election season caucus in 2008 was very dynamic, energetic and had tons of participation. This year there was no straw poll and not enough attendance on both sides of the isle. This means that we are not doing an effective job at cultivating and educating existing and new potential voters to include the population at large. There is a lot at stake and the public needs to regain confidence in the political system. As of late so many politicians are guided by self-interest vs. working for the public and the citizenry that many have lost faith. However, if the public did know that yes they do have the power to make things better when educated in the steps needed since our Republic does have safety measures it would be a different story. Voters and the general public need to regain confidence in our system or the consequence will be a failed State.

Why is our country going in such a backwards direction? 1- tons of money going to never ending wars. Senator Cory Gardner of Colorado got 450 billion (Military.com, 2015) and later in the year Obama was asking for more. I guess they need more Toyota trucks to give away.
2- Precinct and local Caucuses etc have gate keepers practically making Caucus etc obsolete for make sure their insiders are there so no new people or leaders cannot vote out the War aficionados that love getting $$$ war money that later goes to take away our liberties, funds Darpa, working on robotics & other weapon loving corps etc. Note that Obama expanded and took over the same war strategy post former Presidential leadership so both right and left continue the war path.
3- There is no education or enough civic courses teaching the importance of citizen participation in local politics and to be self-sufficient. (System makes sure people opt for hand-out etc, while they sell our country and local government to globalists luciferians. Give a man a fish for one day he will feed for 1 day but teaching how to catch & grow the fish and he will feed himself for a lifetime)
4- Kids and young adults are growing up in a war economy and culture then later develop apathy or take casually death or passing. Many young adults are lacking in maturity, coping skills, and self-guided direction that would help them ensure overall wellness. Sound jobs are also lacking. A kid born in 2001 war is now age 16, a teenager that has grown in a war culture, media lies culture, incompetent lying politician that cheat, lie and steal culture and even break laws or sacrifice others life in Benghazi etc. How can we expect decent coping healthy adults to come out of that? And many call themselves Christians, sustainablists, climate changers, etc etc. yet keep electing the same culprits in public office.
5- The chamber of commerce had educational material for citizens and business populations that went out of publication last print 1960 and at a time in which later Barry Goldwater wrote the book “With No Apologies” in which he noticed and stated that our country was being deliberately taken incrementally to Internationalism/globalism and warned against it and against allowing any single religion or other selective group dominate our culture, society or congress. He warned about any selective view taking over our country for it would affect our liberties. Today, we have many individuals not even wishing to become public office leaders for fear of the powerful entities that dominate our politics and monies behind it.  America has freedom of religion and was best to stay out of entanglements. He stated America became the best place in the entire world for safety and no persecution of peoples. Today we stand to be engulfed by the UN which has extreme views in how everyone has to live, behave and think and may eventually force a world wacky Luciferian style religion of extreme views. Below is a cover of that Action Plan book of so many years ago and the type of classes the chamber was giving for this way regular potential business people and citizens could be educated and keep our unique republic form of government that ensured individual liberty and that made America so prosperous. Today, click here on link in blue, the international chamber of commerce is by fiat and not by the will of the voters nor member business owners endorsing Agenda 2030 (loss of property rights to all: Agenda 21 with steroids). Note the United States has a link lead for the international chamber. Wake up America or you will find yourself a slave in the land that your forefathers conquered.

The individual in Politics Educational Materials from 10960

Find Your Caucus Link HERE: Important Last Minute Details

Enjoy your Caucus. Bring a check book and ID. Remember Caucus is all about grass roots when local voters and potential voters get information and meet others. It may seem like disorganized but its not for it is all about grassroots and of course not perfect. Time 7:00 to 8:30 pm and could arrive a bit earlier to get parking etc. Arrive early to check in roster. Your Caucus or here, Caucus Locations.

Numbers here also:
Precinct 405– Caucus Location : Skyview Middle School

Address: 6350 Windom Peak Boulevard, Colorado Springs, CO 80923
Senate District: 10
Commissioner District: CC2
House District: 15 Division: 15B

Skyview Elementary

Precinct Location
157 Rudy Elem 5370 Cracker Barrel Cir., 80917

158, 159, 161, 162, 167 Madison Elem 4120 Constitution Ave., 80909

160 Sabin MS 3605 N. Carefree Cir., 80917

190, 193, 194 Mitchell HS 1205 Potter Dr., 80909

191, 192, 195, 196 Horizon MS 1750 Piros Dr., 80915
413, 414, 415, 421 Horizon MS 1750 Piros Dr., 80915

219 Pine Creek HS 10750 Thunder Mtn. Ave., 80908

401, 403, 408, 420, 445 Vista Ridge HS 6888 Black Forest Rd., 80923

402, 404, 405, 406, 407 Skyview MS 6350 Windom Peak Blvd., 80923

409, 410, 411, 412, 416 PPCC Creekside 3850 Pony Tracks Dr., 80922

441, 442, 444, 447 Falcon MS 9755 Towner Ave., 80831
451, 452, 453, 523, 525 Falcon MS 9755 Towner Ave., 80831

443, 446 Woodman Hills Elem 8308 Del Rio Rd., 80831

500, 501, 502, 524 Calhan RJ-1 800 Bulldog Dr. 80808

522 Ellicott HS 375 S. Ellicott HWY 80808

620 Wildflower Elem 1160 Keith Dr. 80916

Pay county and state fees here. County delegate is $35 and alternate is $20; state delegate is $65 and alternate is $45

Schedules order of events:

Caucus Agenda 2016, Cpolorado Springs, Colorado

Dear Precinct Leaders, Division Leaders, and District Officers:

This email is designed to mend minor mistakes and prevent potential problems at the caucus Tuesday night.
1. The yellow packet in your caucus packet is the secretary packet, in which the caucus secretary will record the caucus’s various decisions; but every page after Page 1 says “Caucus Chair Packet” in the corner. Never mind that. Yellow is for caucus secretary; white is for caucus chair.
2. The yellow (secretary) and white (chair) packets both contain a sheet that says the state alternate fee is $40. That is incorrect: the state alternate fee is $45. It is given as $45 on every relevant sheet other than in the white and yellow packets. The fee for county delegate is $35, for county alternate is $20, for state delegate is $65, and for state alternate is $45. There is no fee for the congressional and judicial assemblies.
3. If you are a precinct leader or running a caucus meeting, please aim to arrive at your caucus location at precisely 6:00 PM. If you arrive earlier, the building might not yet be open. If you arrive later, caucus-goers might be waiting for you to appear.
4. County Party Secretary Mary Bradfield has sent post-caucus division letters, with information about each precinct’s post-caucus division meeting, to each House district chair, who in turn will share it with the precinct leaders.
5. If somebody not on your sign-in form insists he is eligible to participate in your caucus, visit govotecolorado.com and click on “Find My Registration.” Enter the information requested to find that person’s registration. First, look at the precinct number, and confirm that the person is indeed registered to vote in your precinct. (Remember the shorthand used for precinct numbers is the final three digits.) If that person is eligible to vote in your precinct, check to see whether he affiliated with the party by January 4 and registered at his current address by February 1. In virtually every case, it will turn out the person not on your sign-in sheet is not eligible to participate in your caucus. Unless there was a mistake on the sign-in sheet (which is extremely unlikely, as it was produced by the El Paso County Clerk and Recorder), the only exception will be if a person turned 18 between January 4 and caucus night. In that case, the registration card you access at GopElPaso.com will say so. Record their information and allow those new 18-year-olds to participate.
6. Delegates and alternates to the county assembly and state convention may pay their fees here.
7. There is only one copy of the official call to the county assembly, state convention, congressional assembly, and judicial assembly in each caucus packet. It is viewable on our website here. Direct your delegates and alternates to it.
8. There is only one copy of the intent to run for national delegate form in each packet. It is viewable on our website here. Direct your delegates and alternates to it.
9. Please turn your caucus packets in to El Paso County Republican Headquarters on Wednesday, March 2. We will be here from 6:30 AM to 6:00 PM.
10. Keep your eye on the clock, as some schools will begin trying to kick caucuses out at 9:00 PM or even 8:45 PM.
11. Please help other caucuses who need help at your caucus location. I know you know we’re all in this thing together. A little experienced help can go a long way towards making a novice precinct leader effective.
12. For division leaders: there is a post-caucus division meeting training here at HQ on Wednesday, March 2, at 6:30 PM.
Please be in touch with any questions. I will be manning the phones at GOP HQ tomorrow night. Call us here at (719) 578-0022 or the El Paso County Clerk and Recorder at (719) 575-8683.
Daniel Cole
Executive Director
El Paso County Republican Party

Caucus Date March First: Find your Location

Caucus 2016 Colorado

Republican Colorado Caucus 2016

What is a Caucus?

The word Caucus comes from an Indian word meaning ‘meeting’. Colorado is one of 13 states that have Caucuses to begin the process of determining which candidates end up on the Primary ballots for each party. It is considered to be a highly grassroots process since it allows for a small group of neighbors to select someone from their neighborhood (or more accurately, precinct) to vote on their behalf at the relevant assemblies. These delegates are charged with learning about the candidates and then voting on who they would like to see on the Primary ballot. They are often given ample opportunity to get to know the candidates intimately as any candidate with a primary challenger will be actively seeking their votes. (Jeffcorepublicans, 2016).

The Republican Party Platform actually has a very humble beginning at the neighborhood caucus. Attendees discuss and vote on resolutions which have a chance of becoming a part of the Party Platform. If you want to weigh in on the platform, it is essential you attend your caucus.

The Caucus is also the time when Republicans will elect up to two Precinct Committee persons to represent them within the Party structure. It is also a great time to meet your Republican neighbors and become more involved in the party.

What might you do at your caucus?

  1. Elect Precinct Committee people
  2. Elect Delegations to the County, House, Senate, Congressional and State Assemblies*
  3. Volunteer to help the party with upcoming campaigns
  4. Volunteer to be an Election Judge (The Clerk & Recorder ultimately chooses Election Judges, but the party must submit the names of Republican volunteers.)
  5. Discuss and vote on resolutions that may become the Platform.

What is a Precinct?

A precinct is a political party’s smallest geographical unit. There are currently 242 precincts in El Paso County.

What happens at Assemblies?

At the county, Congressional, judicial, and state assemblies, delegates or their alternates vote on which candidates they wish to appear on the primary ballot, along with other party business. In Presidential election years, delegates or their alternates to the state convention elect delegates and alternates to the national convention. Presidential candidates do not appear on the primary ballot. We play a role in the national party’s choice through our selection of delegates to the national convention.

What happens at the National Convention?

At the National convention, national delegates vote on presidential candidates and national party business.

Locate your Caucus click here, Caucus Locations

League of Women voters on Caucus,  click here


March 1. 2016 – Caucus

March 26, 2016 El Paso County Assembly at UCCS

April 9, 2016 State Assembly at the World Arena

Division Meeting- March 6, Stetson Hills IHop

March 16, Open Forum Josh and David Williams 6:30 pm Stetson Police Station.

Please do participate and Vote for it matters. We are all working on educating the general public on the importance of becoming involved for our country stands a lot to lose such as loss of property rights, the loss in the right to be secure in our property and our persons, the forcing of robotics and changes to natural human biology, loss of general liberties, loss in parenting rights, and loss in being able to forge education curricula. Please participate even though it could get frustrating at times. God bless you all.

From :

Precinct #405
Senate District: 10
Commissioner District: CC2
House District: 15 Division: 15B

Caucus Location : Skyview Middle School 

Address: 6350 Windom Peak Boulevard, Colorado Springs, CO 80923

Foreign Government Alignment Bill Being Introduced by Gordon Klingenschmitt et al to Colorado Legislature

In spite of many documents and today gave yet another summary to Gordon Klingenschmitt about funds (Report by former Intelligence officer Scott Bennett) by top tier special interests that went to hurt our soldiers killing many of them in the process; District 15th (of course most senior) and many from men’s club? voted to align with Gordon to introduce a bill that makes US voters and the people of Colorado subservient to a foreign government under the guise that they help fight the war on Terror; a war full of scandals, funding going to Isis under US watch, special weapons (Benghazi) and new Ford trucks etc., in hands of the enemy but yet voted in support of Gordon’s bill photo snap below that will model Gordon’s from Chicago intro to Colorado, [Note: Illinois passed it and Hillary Clinton also supports according to Gordon (House District 15 State Representative) and of course Hillary will support for a political correct person assisted in release of fake cause of Benghazi movie story;  to include conflict of interest for her daughter married to yet another political correct central banker] that will penalize any business that refuses or boycotts a foreign government in this case Israel. In my brief presentation, I made the point that this would be like opening a Pandora box since this will open a door for other foreign governments to want to do the same. We must keep our form of government a Constitutional Republic separate from morphing our sovereignty or our rule of law with any foreign government. Also, America is a country with freedom of religion, free speech, liberty based with several cultures and aligning in our State and congressional laws with just one country getting such preference not fair for we are a country of diverse cultures; African American, Whites, Asians, Hispanic and so on and such an alignment bill poses a threat to our cultural cohesion to include placing our entire country at risk and if at any time that foreign government takes onerous position to other countries.

Senator Cory Gardner and Congressman Lamborn both received copies of Scott Bennett’s report (armypsyop.wix.com, 2015) by me at the GOP headquarters’ during congratulatory meeting for Cory Gardner’s election to serve as our Senator. Our soldiers lives should be honored and no entanglements in profits allowed. Former intelligence officer Scott Bennett never got a response from them. As a precinct leader it is and was my duty to report any abuse or compromises to the lives of our soldiers and as a former military Veteran daughter and prior military family cannot look the other way and allow Corruption that places our GI’s at risk no matter what plutocrats above believe themselves better.

I no longer wish to be part of the local GOP leadership for there too many conflicts of interest with head leader prior part of NASA ( a current top NASA nuclear scientist today claims racial superiority and heavily involved in evolving humanity to the Cosmos and top Booz Allen getting preferential treatment because they have a lot of money and power with the politically correct people doing as they please even if our soldiers get tangled or perish as collateral in the process.  At evening meeting today also emphasized that many top defense leaders are involved in human genome, robotics (big pow wow at National Science Foundation took place) here in Springs that when looking at big picture have intent to desecrate the human soul and involved in the DNA trans-humanism investments with  Triple Helix DNA Research Group straight out of scary globalist United Nations etc., but Gordon Klingenschmitt acts more like a Representative of the Middle East vs. one for the People of Colorado. Also often acts like a showman and pompous top rank around other regular conservatives. We need to form a new 3rd party and get all entanglements out of our country. I have tolerated many such wacky instances with the old guard (boys club) playing many games during my tenure as a precinct leader and in particular by old gizzard owner of the party wanna-be Stephen. My first allegiance is to be true to our creator, to the people of our precinct, family, community, military etc., not special interests who not only have taken over both political parties  for nefarious purposes, evil projects and money, but have been slowly taking over our local politics  and interfered with precinct leaders. I no longer stand to be in the same room with people who think nothing of reported abuse to our military, act like a cult, and have onerous like stances with foreign governments vs. the American People many who are suffering severely by lack of jobs, clean water and health. This is why many voters are not going to Caucuses and other events for they know the (old guard) gatekeepers are there to interfere with any independent critical thinkers. The democrat party is also going over similar take over but with different techniques while our entire country heads to collapse for a world government of plutocrats and trans-humans. . Today, its all about the Corporate special global money makers now even making their way to take over  the independence of business owners to entangle under wrath in which Gordon’s Bill makes them subservient. Just because these inimical people did not directly allow our soldiers to be in cross fire of interests groups it does not signify that our creator will not judge them for their inimical hypocrisy.  Do not come any where near me for ready to file lawsuit against many such abuses by party members and placed at end of the line during central committee member gathering etc., Its easy to see why many will fall victim to be made robotics for support the many intelligence connected people who are heavily involved in genomics, robotics and the abominations of never ending wars.  War is not peace and mandatory vaccinations is not liberty. These dinosaurs’ are lost sheep.

Summary video by Scott Bennett:

Foreign government alignment bill is inimical to the people of  not just Colorado but America. There too much corruption overseas.

foreign government alignment bill

foreign government alignment bill


Scott Bennett. (2015) Web link Click here armypsyop.wix.com
Triple Helix DNA Research Group. Web link Click here, Triple Helix Group.

Money contracting with no oversight merging private equity profits with government, Clinton’s and Bushes for example in Carlyle US-Private Contractors click here

Halloween Political Cartoon

    Halloween Political Cartoon

A Halloween satire political cartoon that says, “Its always Halloween in our Congress for often forget to take off their costumes”….

Halloween Political Cartoon

Halloween Political Cartoon

Fixing Roads or More Funding for Projects: Issue 2C TAX Increase

Sent by Voter via E-mail.

Know the REAL FACTS before you vote on 2C
It is a hidden tax to fund the downtown stadium, of which the majority in Colorado Springs not believe it will succeed.

ISSUE 2C: the biggest city tax increase in state history!

Fact: First, the tax was for potholes. Then it was for roads. Then it was for

roads, curbs, gutters, and sidewalks (at the August 11th Council meeting). On

September 8th, the mayor told Channel 13 HALF was for roads, and HALF

for other improvements. On October 1st, the 2C campaign manager wrote to

supporters it was for unidentified capital improvements. The ballot title says

it is for roads and “improvements,” which will include the downtown arena.

See their changing promises at http://www.Raise Taxes Again.com

Fact: Pothole repairs are not capital improvements, but temporary repairs.

They don’t last long enough (10+ years) to be capital improvements.

Fact: For years, the city has failed to spend one or two million per year

appropriated to roads. They have underspent on purpose, to create a “crisis.”

Our road network can’t absorb $50 million per year in added spending.

Fact: The mayor admitted to Council in a public meeting he could not spend

$50 million more per year on roads. His admission has been confirmed to me

by Public Works Director Travis Easton.

Fact: There is no printed list of city road projects and no lowest/best bidder

requirement for contracts. How can road work occur without city inspectors

(City Hall claims no new employees)? Because it’s for the arena.

Fact: The City Urban Renewal Authority can divert tax funds to its projects

without voter approval. The Urban Renewal Authority has done this already

in a half dozen cases.

Fact: City Council can approve diversion of funds without voter approval.

This is commonly known as “bait and switch” or “shift and shaft.” Mayor

Bach officially committed to the state in writing that the city would spend

whatever it takes to build the arena. This tax is meant to keep that promise.

Fact: Any voter-approved tax can be diverted to other projects without voter

approval. A politician’s promise not to divert money is not legally

enforceable. Taxpayers will be stuck and helpless.

Joel Miller

Why I oppose the road tax measure: the “long of it”…

1) Citizens have already voted for and pay an extra 1-cent sales tax which includes a road maintenance allocation of approximately $25 million annually to the Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority (PPRTA).

–55% of the PPRTA tax is designated for specific transportation capital projects. 10% is for transit and 35% is for maintenance.

–The 55% for capital phases out after 10 years, but the 35% for maintenance NEVER phases out. That amount is, at present, about $25 million per year and will grow if the economy grows without any TABOR restrictions. A disciplined and prioritized approach to the spending of those $25 million per year could make a huge impact on the road situation without further burdening the citizens.

–As it is, for years running, the City has had “plans” and “designated” that PPRTA maintenance budget, but has failed repeatedly to spend it to the tune of millions per year. Here is what the legally submitted financial reports say about the magnitude of underspending as compared to the amounts allocated.


2) The City has failed to execute its own roads budget. Going back four years, here is a summary of the differences between what was approved in the Budget by the Mayor and City Council compared to what the legally certified consolidated annual financial reports say was actually spent:


–By law, any dollars that were not spent and were not legally obligated by the execution of a formal contract by the end of the year, become part of the unrestricted reserve of the City which can be re-appropriated for any purpose. While there have been a lot of verbal assertions that these shortfalls in spending were obligated and spent, no evidence has been provided in the form of executed contracts that these dollars actually got spent. The only official and documented records are the financial reports showing the residual funds.

–Any question as to the fate of either PPRTA road dollars or City General Fund road dollars could be resolved with a formal audit by the Office of the City Auditor, but to date, no such audit has been conducted or even asked for.

3) The City continues to give away dollars to subsidize development, implying to citizens that there are dollars to spare. Yet then City government returns to the same citizens to ask for more of their dollars to cover core city services such as road maintenance for lack of funding. Until City government officials can show through their actions that they recognize the critical nature of funding core services FIRST, and not diverting funds to subsidize development, another approved tax increase would signal to those same officials that citizens are comfortable with this failure to prioritize funds.

–Just this year after the new Council was seated, they approved yet another Urban Renewal Area that will siphon, with financing costs, $50 million in City property taxes to subsidize development for 30 years in the Gold Hill Mesa URA. Council was also promised a future measure to include sales tax as well.

–The City Council has been briefed and is poised to approve another Urban Renewal Area for South Nevada to the tune of $20 million including financing costs in additional City sales and property taxes over the next 30 years.

–There are nine Urban Renewal Areas where all or part of the City sales and/or property taxes collected are not providing revenue to the General Fund for things like road resurfacing, but instead are diverted to the Urban Renewal Authority to the tune of millions per year to reimburse developers for their costs. The only one I know of that is restricted for a regional transportation (roads) priority is the Polaris Pointe URA for which the sales TIF (50% vs. the 100% in other URAs) is designated exclusively to provide a local match for the completion of Powers to I-25.

4) Based on comments from Mayor Suthers and the Actions of City Council and the documented intentions of the Urban Renewal Authority Board, the City will pay at least $129 million in funds collected as City sales and property taxes to provide infrastructure for City for Champions.

–The City’s contract with the State for City for Champions mandates that these infrastructure improvements must be made and paid for by the City if the State is to continue to provide funding for either the Olympic Museum or the downtown stadium. The fact that both the Mayor and members of Council continue to state that the museum is going to get built regardless of the fate of the stadium, implies directly that they concur with the expenditure for that $129 million in C4C infrastructure.

–City Council and the Urban Renewal Authority have already stated their intention to pay for these improvements and to do so without a vote of the people. The Urban Renewal Authority offered a letter of commitment to the State to provide at least $100 million in City tax revenue for the projects. The resolution passed by City Council intended to quell citizen concern over taxpayer funding of a stadium specifically exempts from a vote, infrastructure for City for Champions.

–The same City Council resolution specifically exempts from a vote of the citizens the diversion of City sales and Property tax to the Urban Renewal Authority who has promised in writing to the state they would pay with any means necessary the cost of improvements.

–City Council has refused to give any assurance whatsoever that they WILL NOT DIVERT CITY DOLLARS IN THE FORM OF TAX INCREMENT FINANCING FOR CITY FOR CHAMPIONS. To the contrary, they have indicated their intention to provide that funding without a vote, by specifically declaring no vote would be provided for such expenditure.

5) Other than the current City budget process, which has extremely limited detail and no public follow-up of how funds are actually spent, there is no oversight whatsoever for the $250 million in new tax revenue.

–The City’s Public Works Department and City Contracting Office, presumably due to limitations in personnel and volume of work has been unable to get the existing roads budget out the door and working on the roads yet citizens are being told they will somehow be able to process a huge influx of additional revenue and get it out the door without a single additional employee. It’s not realistic that it could be accomplished in a responsible way.

–Unlike streets maintenance dollars spent with the well-thought-out PPRTA tax, the new 31% City sales tax increase will have no public, detailed oversight. Every PPRTA contract for work is approved by a public meeting of a Citizen Advisory Committee as well as a public meeting of the PPRTA Board of Directors that consists of accountable elected officials. Citizens may not have any reason to question the integrity of the process for City contracting with the new tax, but if appearances say anything, the fact that many of the same contractors who will be the recipients of the new tax dollars were also handsome donors to Mayor Suthers campaign and have been handsome donors to the “vote yes” effort for the new tax. $250 million is a lot of money for which to say “trust us…we got this.”

For these reasons, I will be voting no on issue 2C. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at my former campaign email address (electjoelmiller@att.net) and I’d be happy to explain any of the foregoing points in greater detail.

One World Order Endorsement by Hillary Clinton: Un-Electable for US Presidency

What will the world look like in the promoted news release “World Order” book endorsement on review by Hillary Clinton of Henry Kissinger’s New World Order propaganda book? Well, eventually no different than the life lived by the characters in the Hunger Games movie series. A world with just 2 classes, with the poor managed into regionalized areas living in squalor and the top cream of the crop elites want-to be kings, Queens, Princesses  etc. or “super crust” feeding on what is left of the world like Piranhas devouring all creation. Add to this later their push for trans-humanism  creeping up incrementally (just watch the released propaganda Hollywood conditioning movies and robots placed in our living spaces by design) forming a controlled technocratic society that has everything cataloged in a grid easy to be found and tweaked with their patent Jade Helm style owned software.  A coming world planned by ill-thinking occultist sociopaths that plan to usher in a monstrous world no different than from the movie Metropolis but now with further controls and monstrosities with hybrids, programmable matter, robotics and people’s DNA new codes of their making and altered creation.

Hillary Clinton Un-electable for US Presidency

Henry Kissinger “World Order” book endorsements

America, today people in our country and world still have the chance to escape this bondage and reduction of humanity to be ruled like cattle under a dark plutocrat world and not a “New Order” as they try to re-sell it to you but the ushering of the world of old when people lived under tyrannical monster like rulers that did as they pleased to the masses while they basked in the riches. Through their released media, articles, mental conditioning movies; these self-serving autocrats are trying for the world to accept this under class fate; they are telling you what they are planning. This is not an upgrade to society but a world of lies, deceit, monstrosities’ and bondage. Please think very carefully about who you elect to public office. Avoid electing the facilitators for the dark horse and dark controlled world of the Apocalypse. Hillary Clinton to include Jeb Bush do not have a good track record and the Jersey Chicks of 9-11 had their issues with  Henry Kissinger since he had conflict of interest in becoming an investigator for  9-11 since he once represented the Bin Laden family with services. This had him disqualified as a 9-11 representative. The world is living in an era of great deceit; however it is our duty to not fall into its traps and prevent the destruction of our humanity to include the beautiful world which they are tweaking with terraforming of the atmosphere so we have draught’s and by default get us to accept the diabolical “World Order” as they label it. Gun control will also be used to take away our right to defend ourselves for the 2nd amendment was enacted to actually protect the people from harming to the population by tyrannical ran government.  A world of great deceit is being enacted in plain view to the public with propaganda news releases in media; that is harnessed by same vested profit interests in the “World Order”. America and world population do not drink the kool-Aid nor the lies. Hillary Clinton due to her endorsements and actions with secrecy to the public in her activities is un-electable candidate for the US Presidency; a position that depends on integrity and trust. She is however very necessary and a tool to the “World Order” planned ahead by the evil powers that should not be.

Dark Act Takes States Right to Label GMOs on Food Products: Call Representatives Today

Logo from Right to Know Colorado

From Right to Know Colorado

Emergency e-mail blast from Right to Know Colorado. Call all of your Representatives so that our Food gets labeled when it contains GMOs (genetic modified organisms)

Monsanto et al. have no right to deceive the population and thereby control the food supply and forcing their Frankenstein Foods  on us with the Dark Act- having our deceptive corrupt congress bow to Monsanto et al in forcing their poisons GMOs on all people.


Please Stop What You Are Currently Doing, We Need Your Help Right Now!

Have you heard of the DARK ACT? The U.S. House of Representatives passed HB 1599, “the Dark Act” right before the break. Now the bill may be moving forward to the U.S. Senate in the coming weeks, possibility introduced by Senator John Hoeven (R – ND).

What is the Dark ACT? It has been dubbed “The Dark Act” because IT WOULD TAKE AWAY STATES’ RIGHTS to:

Label foods made with GMO’s,
Protect Farmers from genetic contamination, and,
Regulate GMO’s to protect human health or the environment.
Pre-empting states’ rights is a dangerous precedence and could affect other legislation in the future!

It would also allow the word “Natural” to be used alongside GMOs, even though they are patented!

It would also strip the FDA’s power to:

Acknowledge the difference between GMOs and normal foods, including food safety risks of GMOs,
Conduct systematic pre-market safety assessments of GMOs, and,
Require labels on GMOs.
It would put labeling standards into the hands of the USDA which would be a watered down labeling law that would require fewer standards than the GMO Verified Project.

Cory Gardner and Bennet Colorado Senators

Call Senator Michael Bennet

Denver Metro Office
1127 Sherman St., Suite 150
Denver, CO 80203
Phone: 303-455-7600
Toll Free: 866-455-9866

Arkansas Valley Office
129 West B Street
Pueblo, CO 81003
Phone: 719-542-7550

San Luis Valley Office
609 Main Street, Suite 110
Alamosa, CO 81101
Phone: 719-587-0096

Pikes Peak Office
409 North Tejon St., Suite 107
Colorado Springs, CO 80903
Phone: 719-328-1100

North Central-High Plains Office
1200 South College Ave., Suite 211
Fort Collins, CO 80524
Phone: 970-224-2200

Northwest/I-70W Office
225 North 5th Street, Suite 511
Grand Junction, CO 81501
Phone: 970-241-6631

Four Corners Office
835 East 2nd Avenue, Suite 206
Durango, CO 81301
Phone: 970-259-1710

Washington, D.C. Office
261 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510
Phone: 202-224-5852
Fax: 202-228-5097

Call Senator Cory Gardner

503 N. Main Street, Suite 426
Pueblo, CO 81003
Phone: (719) 543-1324

999 18th Street, Suite 1525
Denver, CO 80202
Phone: (303) 391-5777

4801 8th Street, Suite 140A
Greeley, CO 80631
Phone: (970) 352-5546

400 Rood Avenue, Suite 220
Grand Junction, CO 31501
Phone: (970) 245-9553
Fax: (970 245-9523

529 North Albany Street, Suite 1220
Yuma, CO 80759
Phone: (303) 391-5777

354 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20510
Phone: (202) 224-5941
Fax: (202) 224-6524

The Following 12 Democrats who have previously voted against states’ rights for GMO labeling in 2013 and may cosponsor or support the DARK Act, are listed below:

Sen. Amy Kobluchar (D- Minn) – (202-224- 3244)

Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn) – (202-224-3244)

Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill) – (202-224-2152)

Sen. Joe Donelly (D-Ind) – (202-224-4814)

Sen. Sherrod Brown (D- OH) – (202-224-2315)

Sen. Chris Coons (D- Del) – (220-224-5042)

Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo) – (202-224-6154)

Sen. Tom Carper (D-Del) – (202-224- 2441)

Sen. Robert Menendez (D-NJ) – (202- 224- 4744)

Sen. Bill Nelson (D-FL) – (202- 224- 5274)

Sens. Tim Kaine (D- VA) – (202-224- 4024)

Mark Warner (D- VA) – (202- 224- 2023)

Please feel free to call them as well.

Thank you for supporting this calling drive. We appreciate your efforts in continuing to work for healthy food for all!


Right To Know Colorado

Right to Know Colorado GMO
Right to know colorado. org
Right to Know Colorado GMO · United States

Ben Carson Supports Mandatory Vaccinations

Ben Carson supports mandatory vaccinations which is not good in view of that the State is given too much power already to FORCE all kinds of things as of late. The headline by newsmax dated prior to himself becoming a candidate, click here Ben Carson: No One Has Right to Refuse Mandatory Vaccinations Mandatory everything is creeping up on our Constitutional Republic and deliberately to take away our rights and make room for Agenda 21 (loss of property Rights) and loss of our right to be secure in our property and person. Why is it needed by these self-declared Plutocrats elitists is that in order for them to push Transhumanism they need to basically not only own our property but to own us, our bodies, soul and humanity.This is why Hollywood has a lot of artists making videos and music presentation concerts with black eyes to depict the idea of  soul-less robotic like humanity. This is mental conditioning so population gets used to the soul-less lack of spirituality. This ensures of course that not only our economic system is owned but also all humans ending liberty as we know it on earth.

The reason that there was a disease outbreak is due to the deliberate facilitation of immigrants into our country from countries all over but many from South America that did not have Clean streets, healthy food or proper living conditions. Proper and improved sanitation helps eradicate disease which brings another question, Why the many incidents of radiation spills (fukashima, Japan), Golf of Mexico (another avoidable spill), Geo-engineering (chemical spray metals in the air causing more heat, trees dry and cause fires and now affects our air quality), and EPA Colorado Animas River (another avoidable but allowed to occur incident as if Fukashima is not bad enough since many fruits and vegetables from California are looking week) etc among many other situations that seems to call for Problem-Reaction-Solution and each incident giving State Politicos more control and the taking away of our liberties. There seems to be a “culling” of all nature and natural humanity perhaps to make way for the Third Wave a book that Non-Sir Lancelot endorsed Newt Gingrich , the Grinch that stole the conservative dream of a respectful future America. (He posed with Nancy Pelosi on climate change promotion media propaganda). The ones hurting the environment and seems deliberate is themselves for who know what near future “nefarious purposes. Mandatory top down leadership is not part of a Republican platform. Many vaccines to include for Ebola are owned by US Patents. Vaccines are products that should not be forced on other people.

Creating a New Civilization Book

Creating a New Civilization

Another theory as to why the need for forcing vaccinations propaganda and well-versed in the science of “neuroscience” candidates is the wish to create a 3rd strand of DNA that promises to prolong life and the Trans-humanist (post human) agenda. This is not to say that B. Carson is aware of it but most of our candidates seem to have been pre-selected for us such as Hillary, Jeb Bush etc the usual same families that have ties to all kinds of pre-former agendas for globalism and eroding America as a nation of respect with checks & balances in government.

Please note that Kurzweil top Google engineer and his trans-human cohorts promise to do away sort of speak with our humanity as it exists today by what they promise to come which is a “Singularity” in which man and robotics merge and no way to turn back to anyone who may wish to go back to becoming human. In other words there is no going back, and how? you may ask, Well if they can force vaccinations and inside of the vaccines slip nanobot microscopic chemical or replicating materials that may be capable of literally “transforming us” into a Singularity and in which our DNA had been changed making all of us a Trans-human post human singularity entity.

Is humanity going to resort to becoming a remote controled toy to elites?

A remote digitally controlled humanity new Civilization in the works? If not why all the obsessions with tracking every move?

Like many of you, yes I wish for the best but just look outside and see what is been done to our living spaces, our food and our water and to include the monitoring of all our children with common core agenda in which all data to include kids personal data will be harnessed. Christians fail due to lack of knowledge or as the bible notes,” My people fail for lack of knowledge.” It is all of our responsibility to learn and examine that which is happening. Many of you should have called all representatives concerning the poisons allowed to be released in Animas River which include lead, mercury, arsenic  and posted in the EPA’s own webpage.(This could cause disease for hard to remover toxic lead, mercury etc, from soil and water) Many candidates promise to check but so not let your guard down for many lie and continue with “business as usual” and we are been conditioned to accept calamities without questioning their occurrence behind the scenes motives.

Lack of time is no excuse. Like you and as a precinct leader have many things to do and work etc; but what use will it be down the road when our America and our State may become (and is incrementally suffering calamities) a cesspool of disease with top down Tyrants enslaving us under their unholy evil plans? Wake-up. Care for your present, your future and your children. Protect your kids and protect your families.  We already have a predicted 50% of Autism increase and this has to be analyzed and questioned for it has increased as vaccinations increases have been mandated or required. Is it that autistic offspring in the future will no revolt, complain and just work like the perfect worker bees in a hive?  No wonder UN has a new building in the shape of a beehive for that is what they like, to harness the collective and do as their top ones agendas dictate not caring for the liberty and self-protection for preservation that all of nature exhibits. Even plant cells react under the microscope if they are disturbed or threatened with injury or manipulation. Nature has an innate desire given from our creator to wish to live, exist and enjoy life each day. This my friends is not what manipulators have in mind for they wish to control and tweak nature pulling it with their strings. Wake-up. Ignorance is not bliss.

Problem-Reaction-Solutions, as America keeps losing Liberties by design under Environmentalism.

Problem Reaction Solutions with  Environmentalism

Problem Reaction Solutions with Environmentalism


Colorado EPA Animas River Spill: Predicted One Week Before

3 million gallons of toxic water was released due to the EPA pre-planned incompetence to secure funding according to a retired citizen geologist. Once again citizens health and well-being get sacrificed as if our humanity has small significance compared to the agendas pre-planned money venture pet planning projects. The people of Colorado must call all of their elected officials and ask for the investigation and prosecution of these crimes against the people of Colorado and possibly fine due to the potential loss to our present and future economy. Enough is enough. Respect the intelligence of our people and enough of crisis creations that attempts to tarnish our image. The Sherriff’s of each county has the duty to protect their citizens and in particular from Federal over reach or abuse. Just like the private sector all elected officials should have a performance review by the voters and all that fail to protect the people and citizens within each state and county should be fired for poor performance, conflict of interest and abuse of their role in public office. Governor Hickenlooper admits that it was human caused and claims to have drunk some of the water probably from upstream for the water was extremely yellow from the toxic sludge yet his glass was clear. Call our attorney general Cynthia Coffman and demand legal action for this will send a message to stop the increasing self-created catastrophes that are destroying our liberties and increasing dependence on government and decimating citizens States revenues.
Call you San Juan Sheriff Office and Governor Hickenlooper:

San Juan County Sheriff’s Office
Sheriff’s Department
Address: 1557 Greene St, Silverton, CO 81433
Phone:(970) 387-5531

Governor’s Office
State Government Office
Address: 200 E Colfax Ave #136, Denver, CO 80203
Phone:(303) 866-2471

EPA Colorado Region 8
Contact By phone:
800-227-8917 (toll free Region 8 states only: CO, MT, ND, SD, UT, WY)
Mailing address:
U.S. EPA Region 8 (Regionalization of centralization?)
1595 Wynkoop St
Denver, CO 80202-1129
1-844-607-9700 Hot line
General Web- EPA.gov
Contact Page: EPA contact
Report Environmental Violation even if from EPA- Report Violation in allowing a hazard, Click here.

Colorado Attorney General Cynthia H. Coffman
Ralph L. Carr Colorado Judicial Center
1300 Broadway, 10th Floor
Denver, Colorado 80203
P: 720-508-6000
F: 720-508-6030
Click here, Colorado Attorney General
Cynthia Coffman- Consumer Line: 800-222-4444
Update: We called Attorney General Cynthia Coffman today Tuesday August 18, 2015 at 12:08 PM that we expect a full investigation to include an outside source from the EPA to check the water and not allow this tainting of stream river water to go under the rug. A message has to be sent that Americans are not going to tolerate Federal over-reach agendas hurting local economies, nature and state wide resources in hopes for more control over our citizens and States such as with the push for Agenda 21 that threatens our right to private property.  


Silverton Toxic Spill EPA Involvement

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By Truth Revolt.org Click here, Retired Geologist Predicted EPA Spill Week Prior, Says It Was Intentional for Money
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Letter to the Editor Predicted Colorado EPA Spill Click here by Gateway Pundit.

Summary of Communist Manifesto showing steps in Control for Centralization of power

Role of Government: Not to Harm Humanity

America is not a plain democracy or just a democracy in spite of the many speeches used by politicians using that term. America is a Constitutional Republic and its foundation not a plain democracy in which a majority or mob-like group get to rule over or push down their agendas over the individual. The role of government is limited and reason for our Constitution, so as to limit the government in its role and to prevent it from ruling by Force or Mob Rule. Also, to prevent abuse by government towards its citizens. As of late our government is pushing many of their special interests agendas such as mandated government health care (illegally but passed cleverly by labeling it a Tax), going into undeclared wars, bypassing the role of our congress and acting as a Dictatorship by allowing the President super powers to engage in back door global Trade Deals that compromises US business independence, facilitating trans-humanism projects by giving US Tax dollars to Genome and other human compromise robotics programs, allowing corporations to place questionable health harming products into our water and food supply, allowing the Dark Act (Corporation push by Monsanto et al, so genetic manipulated products or nano-transhumanist add-on stuffs could legally become unlabeled etc. and into our food and by default into our bodies. The list goes on and on to include giving themselves the right to make Propaganda Legal so as to be disseminated to the public as if we live under a communist oppressive regime and all Americans deaf, dumb, and stupid.

A Statue of Liberty Blind folded Unaware of US changes or degradation Image (Fellowship of the Minds, 2015).

Add to this the total silence from the so call righteous Christian community that has even abandoned prior soldier whistle blowers attempting to show misuse of war funds. What hypocrisy to look the other way with trans-humanism in the making and with the approved Defense budgets that will propel it along with Global centralization of government at the publics yoke and purse. That is not faith, nor Christianity, not compassion for other human beings, nor respect for creation or natural biology but following blindly a “religion” at the expense of any logic. Many can have religion but NOT the grace of our creator, creation and or the respect from humanity. Hypocrisy like that of Judah. Our country is been propelled towards a dark oppressive future; however under the armor of our creator humanity must wake-up and not allow this harm to manifest. We are in a battle between good and evil. America must not allow itself to succumb into an abyss of darkness but remain the beacon of light to the world. The present and future wellness for People across the world depend on this existing but deliberately eroding premise. All Americans and caring members from the international community must do their best and participate in the preservation of Liberty.

Another reason for this post is to remind everyone to pray and be patient for there may be some tough times ahead. Some economic indicators and drastic changes to our rule of law nation may prove to be difficult to many. Most of societal points of references are being turned up side down. Racial distrust is being promoted to include gun control. Remember, our right to arms has been mainly to protect ourselves from possible Tyrannical government. If we lose our private property, our rights to defend ourselves from harm; then it will make it easier for the total control over the human being. No one should have the ability to Force trans-humanism or the ability to destroy or harm our natural biology. No one person should be able to force their “worldview” on others who do not share their particular beliefs nor push for the selective bondage agenda. America, as a Constitutional Republic provides protection with representative government of elected officials among their peers and not of non-elected top down bureaucrats. Families must take extra care to keep everything in perspective. Please do not fear even if adversity presents itself. Have faith in the creator of our beautiful world and not fall for the evil deception presented as fun stuff but in reality eternal bondage. keep dates and times of fake calls to your phones or any other sabotages.

Calls from foreign countries to US households are randomly being done along with geo-targeting for locations. We are people not 1 or 0’s on someone’s computer program nor nods of clustered data. All families have challenges, lets try to stay calm and keep our civility with each other. Please, Know that we are all brothers and sisters and share common interests for everyone’s well-being. Save water and extra food. Avoid stress and most can occur due to our high expectations. It may be uncomfortable to see our country changing but rest assure that there is a higher purpose and our handling of these events with trust in our creator to include in ourselves along with our good intentions will protect us from harm. This country has been blessed and it still has millions of awesome caring people from all walks of life and races that come together. Have compassion for each other and never lose your faith in our country.

Things will get better when we keep our perspective, take appropriate actions and keep hope. Also, keep children and young adults optimistic. Simple planned activities, events and more quiet family time around the home may be comforting. Most of us would wish for our children to be doctors or engineers but not all may be able to do so; specially in challenging times. It is just as rewarding on raising good responsible self-efficient kids and there are many shorter rewarding career or vocational programs that are helpful. Children do better when adults show support regardless of the unfulfilled expectations. Exercise, eating balanced meals and keeping a manageable perspective on things helps greatly to include seeking professional counseling when needed. Most of us of course continue strategizing to make ends meet, caring for friends or family and improvising to keep our country healthy and productive. Understand, that Precinct Leaders cannot take care of every problem nor have time to read everyone’s published book. Please seek professional help or counsel from lawyers and or law enforcement when needed if an issue is beyond the normal. Please stay in contact with your elected officials by phone or mail and keep them informed. Stay positive! Enjoy each and every day with faith, action and hope.

Three Questions to Change the Election

Presidential election article by Tom DeweeseNewswire: Article by Tom DeWeese
The number of candidates for President seems to grow on a daily basis. Each new candidate attempts to convince us they are the new hope for a better tomorrow. Jobs. Inequality. And the ever popular – “let’s be bipartisan so we can all move forward together!” These are the topics – the safe topics – they stick to. All designed to assure that they hit emotional buttons in each of us, yet don’t cause controversy.
In fact, about the only reason we are given to vote for these candidates is that perhaps a charge that their opponent is involved in some kind of scandal or hired an illegal gardener. They resort to character assassination of their opponents as they dig for dirt. Or, the most common reasons we are given by candidates to vote for them, often reduced to the vocabulary of a cave man – “Republican good — Democrat bad!” (or visa versa, depending on the candidate.) Are such grunts what the once proud American election system has been reduced to?

Consequently, as has been the case for the last many elections, rarely does a candidate risk taking on the really vital issues that get to the core of our nation’s pending demise. Have you heard a single candidate address any of these issues:

  • The massive destruction of American industry by the EPA and other over-reaching government regulations – killing jobs by the thousands?
  • The near complete usurpation of private property rights in communities and rural areas under the tiresome excuse of environmental protection? Who stands with the property owners as they see their American dream shattered under the innocuous title of “community development?”
  • The growing imposition of non-elected boards and regional governments that are fast replacing our elected representatives in making local community decisions – all powered by the imposition of federal grants that dictate policy, making most states and communities serfs of the federal government?
  • The complete federal takeover of state and local school systems, enforcing a national curriculum that warps history, destroys mathematics and provides little in the way of real academics. Today’s “education” system basically focuses on behavior modification of the children, dwelling on changing their attitudes, values and beliefs. Frankly, that is little more than child abuse. Such a systematic manipulation and indoctrination of young minds is creating ignorant, mindless global village idiots that are easily maneuvered for political purposes.

Have any of these politicians even bothered to study the policies of the Department of Education or looked at the fine print of an EPA grant program to see what is required? If not, why not? If they intend to be the leader of the nation – shouldn’t they know what they are leading?

Kiss a baby! How about hugging a victim, such as a property owner that just had their dreams shattered as government bull dozers destroyed their yard for a bike path? How about one of these politicians standing with parents as their children are expelled from school because they wore a tee shirt with an American flag on it? Strange, as more and more of these victims emerge, the candidates never seem to mention them.

Of course the main stream news media pumps up this meaningless process by focusing only on the scandals and the other non-issues as they avoid reporting on real life. Scandals get headlines. Massive regulatory overreach is simply the proper role of government, according to the news media. Of course, they will sponsor talk shows that pretend to do in-depth study and discussion of certain issues. But, mostly you will find the decks stacked against anyone who disagrees with the party line. Four to one is the usual standard of “fairness.”

So, in such a climate, the politicians are able to get by with their non-issue campaigns. Debates, always hosted by the same news media, never ask the candidates substantial issue questions. And so the charade goes on, and those candidates who are best able to do the non-issue dance make it through. .

It’s time to change all of that. Here’s how.

Put the candidates on the spot during their public meetings. As they pontificate about their readiness to run the United States of America, ask them questions that matter to real Americans.

Starting now, as the presidential campaign heats up, let me offer three questions designed to shake up any public candidate meeting. A word of caution – do not take this action alone. Organize with at least three friends. Have each choose one of these questions to ask the candidates. If you have more people to join you, have others prepared to do a follow up question if they fail to answer. As you get your moment in front of the microphone, read the statement as I’ve provided below and then finish with the question shown in bold:

Property Rights Question

  1. Private property rights are under assault in communities and rural areas across the nation as local, state and federal governments move to enforce new planning development programs, particularly under the labels of Sustainable Developments or “Local Visioning.” If elected, what actions will you take to protect the unrestricted right of use, enjoyment and disposal of private property by its owners?        

Regional Government Question

  1. It’s a growing situation that local elected representative government is being overshadowed by the establishment of non- elected boards, councils, planning commissions and regional governments. These non-elected organizations are, in effect, taking government further away from the people as they deal in backrooms, unseen and unapproachable. Yet, while not elected by the people, they are creating policy that affects private property, tax rates and much more, especially through the taking of federal grant money, which results in federal control over the use and outcome of that money. If elected, what actions will you take to eliminate these massive grant programs and to stop federal efforts to enforce creation of non-elected boards, councils and regional government boards?    

Social Justice Question

  1. The term social justice is used more and more in today’s official society. The actual meaning of social justice is redistribution of wealth, much of which is imposed through the tool of political correctness. Social Justice is used to create class warfare and divisions in our society. It is now widely used in our public school curricula to replace actual academics with behavior modification methods designed to change the attitudes, values and beliefs of the children. The openly stated purpose of such programs as Outcome based education and Common Core is to create new global citizens who reject traditional American values of individual freedom, free enterprise and limited government. Such curriculum is enforced through a centralized Federal Department of Education, which has usurped local input. If elected, will you take action to shut down the federal Department of Education and return education policy to the states, making sure to end these orchestrated attacks on the attitudes, values and beliefs of the children?

Each of these questions pertain to one of the planks of Agenda 21. The three planks are 1. Social Equity; 2. Economic Prosperity; 3. Ecology (the assault on property rights). These are the infamous 3 E’s of Agenda 21.

Ask these questions in a public forum and watch those clueless candidates squirm. Most won’t have an answer. In fact most won’t even know what you are talking about. They will try to evade or put some positive spin on it. But you will know. You will understand that such candidates will never work to fix these problems. And so will the rest of the audience.

It is time for our movement to take aggressive action against these slithering candidates. We need to descend on pubic forums. Organize. Place our people strategically around the room. And one by one begin to ask these questions. When they can’t answer, have someone else ask it again, and again. Let them know they had better give these issues some thought. Let them know that we are going to be there every time they appear in public. And let them know we are going to make them look like fools in front of audiences until they decide to actually talk about issues that mean something to real Americans.

Property owners; parents; small business owners. All are suffering from issues these candidates refuse to discuss. Make them discuss them. Make them show their true colors. Make our issues the ones that dominate this election campaign. Make them afraid to not talk about these issues.

Agenda 21 is designed to change our nation; our way of life; and our form of government. These candidates want to allow those changes to quietly take place, unseen and unnoticed by the public, while they remain silent. If the candidates want to drastically change our nation, then it’s time we have a national debate about it. Starting today, ask the questions that will fire that debate.
Note: Tom DeWeese is an expert in the deception in the push for Agenda 21 to eliminate down the road property rights in America, taking us back to a feudal system led by technocrats elites that are being placed at the executive branch from trilateral commission top leadership. We have literally the take over of our executive branch with elected officials stemming from trilateral commission leaders(chosen leaders)  for implementing the agenda of destroying America of its glory as a Constitutional Republic. Today we have pure democracy (mob rule forced upon individual rights) which will lead to a fascist totalitarian State. (Utah NSA center and Jade Helm mastering the human domain just the roll out for what is to come). So Wake-up unless of course you wish to live in a dark world full of unrestrained sociopaths

The Bait and Switch: Trans-Pacific Partnership and Trade Promotion Authority

Fast Track and Trade Promotion Authority

The Trans-Pacific Partnership new  trade agreement directives attempts were not very popular with the people nor our congress across both sides of the isle. The concern was that not even our congress was being allowed to attend, read or view the written trade deals being written secretly behind closed doors. So guess what happens next; just like with so many other inimical deceitful bills being rammed in our congress  destroying our liberties it gets a new name and strategy for passing, the Trade Promotion Authority (TPA). So we go from debating the TPP to now debating the TPA with many bait and switch issues being  rearranged or renamed however still there giving the executive branch super powers to bypass our congress and the will or safety of the voters to negotiate trade and how we conduct business across the global sphere. “The TPP is much more than a “free trade” agreement. It is part of a global race to the bottom to boost the profits of large corporations and Wall Street by outsourcing jobs; undercutting worker rights; dismantling labor, environmental health, food safety and financial laws; allowing corporations to challenge our laws in international tribunals rather than our own court system.” (Sanders.Senate.gov, The TTP). In addition, several researchers have found a correlation with this inimical agenda to get  the TPP trade deals passed so secretly with only Obama having the negotiation first for the attempt at the creation of world global governance (central world government) with this rebranded Trans-Pacific Partnership via the Trade Promotion Authority with each attempt to bypass congress right to read or know first and represent the interests of the People of America and the world that stand to be affected by all those new trade deals. This is a road to tyranny towards world central government and not to democracy for the people of the world since not allowed to be represented during negotiations’ by the special interests. The New American says, “Since all negotiations have been held in secrecy, we can only report on the issues the U.S. Trade Representative’s office admits the TPP covers, which include: customs, telecommunications, investment services, technical barriers to trade, sanitary and phytosanitary measures, intellectual property, regulatory coherence, development, non-conforming measures and cross-border trade in services, rules of origin, competition, agriculture, textiles, and environment.). Their video below gives a summary: How are your Representatives voting so far on this day June 6, 2015 in our congress? In the Senate vote Cory Gardner voted YES for the TPP and more likely the rebrand changes via TPA. This is no surprise to many that confirmed Cory Gardner has voted selling out Colorado voters on several issues. Ken Buck said on the radio this morning that he is voting NO on TPA since it gives Obama more authority regardless. Thank you Ken Buck. You are a hero. Congressman Doug Lamborn voted yes on the TPA which is the Fast Track. The vote confirmed when office called. What will the results in the passage of TPA signify to the average American already struggling economically? We will have to see how it all unfolds as researchers study more in the near future. What others had to say in the Trade Community and suggestions to voters for writing congress: Vote No On Fast Track As your constituent, I am writing ask you to oppose the Fast Track trade authority bill, aka the “Bipartisan Congressional Trade Priorities and Accountability Act”. The Fast Track bill contains vague and unenforceable negotiating “objectives”. The Senate Finance Committee and the House Ways and Means Committee rejected efforts to make the objectives enforceable. The committees also rejected or failed to include language addressing the US trade deficit and foreign border taxes that replace tariffs. Foreign companies will be able to sue our government for loss of future profits in international tribunals, bypassing our federal and state courts. The Fast Track bill is an enormous grant of executive authority to this and future presidents. The process to strip Fast Track procedures from the executive branch is impracticable… a joke. The bill is being rushed through Congress but will stay in effect until 2021. It will enable trade deals that, in practice, last forever. Not just the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership but future trade deals for which negotiations have begun before and until 2021. Congress needs to take its time to give proper direction to the Obama Administration on trade. Congress also needs to assess what went right and what went wrong in past trade deals before granting new authority to the President to negotiate new ones. Despite requests, the committees of jurisdiction have refused to assess past trade agreement performance before rushing ahead with new trade authority. Our trade deficit with Korea is 80% worse today than it was before the 2012 implementation of that trade agreement Therefore, as your constituent, I’m asking you to oppose Fast Track trade authority. End of letter suggestion.

What some religious groups said about the TPP and similar rebranded trade name-spin deals:


June 12, 2015

Contact: Sara Haimowitz, sara@prosperousamerica.org
Coalition for a Prosperous America New Release:

House Vote Underscores Broad Opposition to Bad Trade Policy
WASHINGTON (June 12, 2015) – The following statement was released today by Coalition for a Prosperous America CEO Michael Stumo in response to the announcement that the vote for Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) would be postponed:

“Today’s postponement is ‘a shot heard round the world’ in trade circles, showing the strong and broad-based opposition of America’s producers to the broken promises, lost jobs and unrealized prosperity from bad trade policy.

“Lawmakers indeed understand that by supporting TPA, the firm ground they are accustomed to standing on could easily turn to quicksand, sinking their future political aspirations. That, in and of itself, explains today’s delayed vote.

“Hopefully this will give this nation a chance to pause and rethink its approach to future trade policy. The primary goal of future trade deals should be balancing the trade deficit and ensuring our trading partners are not manipulating or outright ignoring the rules to ensure full employment, wealth creation and broadly shared prosperity in the US.”

The Coalition for a Prosperous America is a nonprofit organization representing the interests of 2.7 million households through our agricultural, manufacturing and labor members.


Information summary on Fast Track, TPA act., during the voting by CPA:

Summary: The House must pass both (1) Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) and (2) Trade Promotion Authority (TPA or “Fast Track”) to pass. We are not sure there are the votes to pass either bill.

1. Yesterday’s “Special Rule” Vote: The House Rules Committee (read more here) often considers a “special rule” to govern voting on a bill. The Special Rule will address, for example, what exact text will be voted upon, how long to allow debate, and how many amendments will be allowed. The House Rules Committee is usually dominated heavily by the majority party, in this case the GOP. The Special Rule for the Fast Track vote started with the Senate Fast Track bill which contains both TAA and Fast Track/TPA, then split that bill into TAA and TPA for separate votes, then recombine the bill thereafter. The intent is to (a) leave the Senate bill unchanged in the end; (b) allow R’s to vote against TAA (although TAA was expected to pass with D’s voting in favor and R’s voting against); (c) pass TPA (if Ryan and Obama can get the votes); and (d) send the recombined bill straight to the President.

The House must vote on the Special Rule. Any rules vote usually passes because it is a “party loyalty vote” requiring more party loyalty than a vote on the bill. Because the majority party is protective of its right to govern business in the House.

In this case, however, the vote on the Special Rule almost failed and took down Fast Track. This is because 34 R’s broke from leadership and voted no. Eight pro-TPA D’s had to vote “aye” to save the GOP leadership and save Fast Track. This caused severe consternation among GOP leadership

2. Customs Bill: There is yet another bill, called the Customs Bill, that the Senate passed and the House will consider. The Customs Bill includes a currency manipulation provision that CPA supports, but that provision will be stripped out. Paul Ryan is buying R votes by promising to change TPA negotiating objectives, but placing those changes in this Customs Bill, not the TPA/TAA bill. The reason is to keep the TPA/TAA bill clean and avoid conference committee so they can send it to the president.

3. Vote on TAA: The TAA vote is scheduled for 11:20a et today. It may fail because R’s usually vote against it and, in a switch, D’s may vote against it. R’s don’t like TAA because it’s a “wasteful, duplicative, ineffective welfare program”. D’s don’t like the bill because it is “underfunded, takes money from Medicare programs, and does not include service workers.” D’s also know that if TAA fails, then Fast Track trade authority fails. Because the House will not, in the end, pass the whole Senate bill.

4. Vote on Fast Track/TPA: The vote on Fast Track itself is intended to occur after the TAA vote. If TAA fails, the TPA vote will likely not take place. Paul Ryan has gotten close to getting enough R votes to pass, but the vote count is in flux.

Conclusion: This will be a very busy day.

Colorado Springs Mayoral Runoff Saga: Colorado Springs Forward or Backwards to Agenda 21

It seems that we often have to pick between the lesser of two evils in many of our elections. Regardless, many vote their conscious without compromise. Others for example, study the issues on hand and then decide what may be best under the pressing circumstances.For example, an e-mail below was sent in the attempt to bring some clarity to our circumstance:

 Dear Friends and fellow Republicans,

This is a personal email to encourage you to vote in the upcoming Mayoral election in a run off between Mary Lou Makepeace and John Suthers. This morning, The El Paso County Republican Strategy Forum vetted Mary Lou Makepeace.  Many rumors abound that Mary Lou is a Lesbian, this simply is not true, she is for civil rights for all.  But she is a capable person to lead Colorado Springs away from big interest money and a few developers that seem to have their way with Colorado Springs, no matter what they want. We questioned her about the City for Champions, of which she opposes the stadium.  John Suthers is for the stadium as the developers who own the land are donating to his campaign.  We talked about Martin Drake and cheap electricity for businesses and residents, storm water which has its needs but not to the tune of $1 billion.  We asked about updating the city charter so it reflects the current laws, not interpretations by the city clerk and city attorneys.  Many city employees have felt intimidated by our current Mayor and she will review personnel who serve the citizens of Colorado Springs and the surrounding area to be sure they are our employees.   We asked about “special improvement maintenance districts” (SIMD) which give developers additional taxes for building an area.  Many homeowners are not aware their property taxes can be up to an additional 60 mils which is given to those developers.  This eliminates any risk developers have and they are paid that money for many years.  There are 83 such districts in Colorado Springs now.  The C4C will have its own SIMD and that can cover a large area of town.  Tax incentive funding, Urban renewal and certificates of participation are city debts we are not allowed to vote on but can be manipulated to favor certain individuals.  I believe Mary Lou will think of every citizen as she makes her decisions as major, not a chosen few. I encourage you to vote and please consider the information I have included.  Sheryl (End of e-mail)

Ballots are arriving in mailboxes for the all-mail mayoral runoff, which ends May 19. Study the issues.

Suthers is supported by the Colorado Springs Forward; a self-created quasi governmental organization that gives itself self-appointed powers (or super powers depending in how one looks at it” without voters electing them or placing on a ballot the issues or projects they create. These types of organizations are forming around the country sounding great with lots of flowery issues or great sounding words they know will draw agreement but when looking closer they all have Agenda 21 language and a back door usurpation of powers from our county government and our elected officials. Eventually these “government within a government self-declared organizations stand to make quick money in the building of the “flowery projects” and eventually will lead to loss of Representative government. They also use the word consensus which is “Common Core” language and actually what common core private copyrighted agenda attempts to teach our kids. Consensus takes away “critical thinking” and voters and people affected by these quasi organizations bypass the voters research, study or ability to vote on and critical thinking into their consensus agendas which may or may not be detrimental to the well-being of the people and their private property etc.   The Colorado Springs Forward documents listed on their site have been analyzed and many have AGENDA 21 language and concepts. Below are some examples:

Looking into the Future Document Colorado Springs Forward

Agenda 21 is real and leads to the loss of our property rights. So please do not vote for power grabbers. Please conduct due diligence and study the language and issues of Agenda 21 non-sustainable to private property unsustainable development. There is also and Agenda 21 language bingo for words such as “urban renewal, sustainable, consensus, Smart Grid, Year 20?? into the future etc. This is flowery but a con to transform America back  into a Feudal System. Do not drink the “sustainable Kool-Aid. Refuse to become a commoner as in the world of old British Empire and its Feudal System turning our communities over to them incrementally and to their prior world of old Oligarchy. (Monarchy System Reinvented by the Elites).  Our country is being slowly taken over turning us into serfs working like hamsters on a never ending spin wheel. Our county’s can build without bureaucrats or federal bait grants money. When States take the bait from the Federal government they get owned by inimical global interests and go into Debt.

Agenda 21 and the Attempt at taking our property rights is real not fiction

Agenda 21 Book

Colorado Springs Forward Agenda 21 language

Colorado Springs Forward Agenda 21 language

Maintaining Military Honor, Respect and Care for All Soldiers that Serve

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier  All of our soldiers that serve regardless of in which capacity should be honored, respected and treated ethically before, after and during active duty. Prior to the many recent inimical changes occurring to our country, America boasted the best and most honorable military in the world. This most of us know very well through experience over the years via travels with our military loved ones, friends and by witnessing personally during cross trainings. One must never forget not even for a second to respect our soldiers. Every single soldier regardless of rank is part of a mission in delivering protection, military defense skills  and mission deployments that are for the greater good; not of plunder and takes into account the dignity of others in the international community. To forget the real reason in having an honorable military would be like becoming an aimless ship that has no soul, direction, nor true purpose. The world will never be the same if we allow our US military to deteriorate, suffer dishonor in any way or suffer abuse at the hands of others to include corporations or special interests undisclosed personal objectives.

On December 15, 2015 at the Senator elect Cory Gardner social at GOP headquarters I gave in front of those present the letter below by a military intelligence officer Scott Bennett in which he states and asks of all congress to please look into terrorism funding matters and the ignoring of intelligence warnings.  I gave both Congressman Lamborn and our new Senator elect Cory Gardner in an 8×10 envelope copies printed and asked to please help Scott Bennett. This is also on video. We must protect our country from misuse of funds, hidden objectives and abuse to our military while performing their duty. War is not to be perpetual and to the demise of hard working populations with families trying to make ends meet while living with less each new year that passes with millions of job losses. It is our duty as representatives and precinct leaders to find ways in which we could all live better and in harmony; not in constant chaos or dysfunction. Also, silence implies consent and Treason if accepting inappropriate actions that harm our economy or places our local populations at further risk. Today is May 7, 2015 and still no answer form either one and plenty of time has been allowed for a response to include the letters since year 2008 to then Senator Obama and all of congress by Scott concerning other ignored warnings. Why the silence? This is inexcusable to those suffering from the inaction to include the avoidable harm to our military while serving and grounds for Treason.

Elect Senator Cory Garner social gathering at GOP headquarters with congressman Doug Lamborn

Elect Senator Cory Garner social gathering at GOP headquarters with congressman Doug Lamborn December 15,  2015

Word by word letter and information: Military intelligence officer Scott Bennett:



By 2LT Scott Bennett
11th Psychological Operations Battalion
U.S. Civil Affairs-Psychological Operations Command
United States Army Reserve (retired)

Dear Member of Congress,
I urge you to publish this letter on your Congressional web site, and assume a position of support for both the recommendations contained herein, and the corroborating military whistleblowing reports exposing terrorist financing and its cover-up by the highest levels of government, the military, the intelligence community, and the media. Please contact me to schedule an immediate debriefing, where I will be appearing in my Army Uniform, under oath, in performance of my constitutional duty as a military officer.

2LT Scott Bennett
U.S. Army (Reserve)
11th Psychological Operations Battalion
U.S. Civil Affairs-Psychological Operations Command

To my fellow military brethren wounded, killed or abandoned in the Middle East wars; and their mothers and fathers, wives and husbands, grandparents, and children burdened with the scars.

If you are receiving this letter via a Member of Congress, then he/she is honorably defending the constitution of the United States, and worthy of your election. If you have not received this letter from your Member, then know that they are participating in this cover-up and should be immediately removed from office—if not criminally prosecuted as part of a conspiracy involving parties and actions contained in this report.

The ongoing revelations of illegal NSA-CIA surveillance on Americans and our allies, as well as the sudden re-conquest of Iraq by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), and the Levant, as well as the rampant beheadings and crucifixions of Christians around the Middle East—re-igniting smoldering wars—has compelled me to write to you and share this information to assuage your family’s anger, suffering and loss. I encourage you to review this material for two reasons: 1) for your own sense of closure, healing, and growth; and 2) to help you serve as a resource for other families who are, or may soon be, struggling with the same agony and frustration.

You can inspect the documents relating to this report at: Army psyop Scott Bennett). After review, I hope you will honor our warriors (military and contractors) by sharing these materials with your family and friends. I also hope you will forcefully demand an explanation, an apology, and a plan of redemptive action from the media, the military leaders, and the politicians in Washington DC and your own State Capitols, before another family suffers the same loss; and before Congress and the President once again plunge our young men and women into an insane, endless, and unconstitutional Middle East war (which may soon expand into Eurasia) they themselves refuse to fight.

I am the military officer who writes the letters informing some of you of your soldier’s death. I am the Officer-in-Charge of the Army Adjutant General Department (S-1) at my battalion. The S-1 department is where the most recent Fort Hood shooting took place a couple months ago. Incidentally this shooting was triggered by a silly and avoidable military bureaucratic and leadership failure that resulted in the soldier experiencing a sense of “betrayal” by the military; and then consequently becoming frustrated into a psychological breakdown and suicidal rage…but that’s another report.

I write to you today to share a discovery I made many months ago, which sadly—if not reprehensibly—nobody in our military ranks, or Congress, or intelligence community, or the media seems to have the guts or honor to tell you about…so far.

Since September 25, 2012, I have written, demanded, and pleaded to the highest levels of America’s military-congressional-judicial leadership, asking them to expose and inform you about a scandalous cover-up that continues to this very day. To over one hundred politicians, journalists, and senior level military officers have I written letters and reports (legal motions, whistleblowing reports to the Inspector General, Congressional requests, etc.) addressing this issue. You may confirm this at: armypsyop.wix.com/scottbennett

With the exception of Senator Rand Paul, all of these supposed “leaders and men of honor” have not only ignored it, but in fact threatened, persecuted, imprisoned, and tortured me (in that order) in a cowardly and treasonous attempt to hide this matter. Quite simply, instead of serving as the U.S. Constitution’s advocate, they have shamefully played the corporate slave and political harlot. Sadly, and without apology or hesitation, I tell you that this failure is enabling Islamic extremists to wound and kill our young men and women in uniform defending America—at home and abroad.

Because of this, my oath as military Officer compels me to give you and your fallen service-member the dignity and respect of sharing with you the raw, undiluted truth about exactly what I discovered, and why my efforts to get this information out to you have been blocked since September 25, 2012.

I realize you may have difficulty believing this story, but the maxim “truth is stranger than fiction” certainly rings true in this case. This information is unclassified and available on open-source media and internet intelligence channels.

Unfortunately, all those associated with politics, the military, and the media seem to have either:
1) chosen to remain in the delusion of fanatical post-September 11th patriotism (or rather hysteria, as some might describe); or else
2) have lost their souls to the addiction of power and the fear of losing it; or else
3) have consciously and quietly exchanged your son or daughter’s, husband or wife’s, father or mother’s life for the proverbial “thirty-pieces of silver” of their own job security and retirement in the defense contracting “Shell Game.” I urge you to be their judge.

The simple fact is your son or daughter was injured or killed by a terrorist bullet, bomb, drug, or cyberattack financed, in part, by assets (cash, diamonds, gold, drugs, etc.) illegally transferred from Swiss Bank accounts—specifically the Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS), and one Saudi account holder in particular, Abdulaziz Abbas (Asra Abdulaziz a pouvoir su le coffre—Coffre No 8170 lie au Co-259.518-B.N.—Titulaire: 0279/CO-617’500-T.B.), and its Optimus Foundation—whose chief executives (i.e., Robert Wolf, Chairman of the Americas) have been financial bundlers for the Obama Administration, and protected from Justice Department prosecution by Attorney General Eric Holder and Assistant Attorney General Lanny Breuer; and rewarded by Hillary Clinton and Ambassador Dell Dailey at the State Department, and Senators Carl Levin, Diane Feinstein, John McCain, and others in Congress.

Most shocking was my discovery that these Swiss bank accounts—especially UBS and the Abdulaziz Abbas account—were known, controlled and preserved by the United States, but never shared with the military’s Terrorist Threat Finance team; and the defense contractor managing this program, Booz Allen Hamilton—the same defense contractor that managed Edward Snowden’s intelligence whistleblowing reports—intentionally covered this up.
Booz Allen Hamilton was paid to essentially help end the Middle East wars (Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa) by identifying, analyzing, and disrupting terrorist financial networks and operations. I know this, because I myself worked for Booz Allen Hamilton. I performed global psychological warfare analysis at the U.S. State Department’s Coordinator for Counter-terrorism Office (under General Dell Dailey), U.S. Special Operations Command (under Colonel Dorothea Burke), and U.S. Central Command (under General James Mattis), where among other things I was the Liaison Officer, and terrorist threat finance analyst with a Top Secret/SCI clearance.

In this capacity, it was my job to know everything, compartmentalize information, and then use it to identify, expose, and disrupt global terrorist financial networks and operations…but I failed.

I failed because I was stupidly—and perhaps treasonously—stopped from doing my duty by the very military command and political officials who were overseeing my work. As perverse or preposterous as this may sound, it is unfortunately true. Of course it may not surprise you, considering the military-political bureaucracy is not only intolerably dull and chronically incompetent, but notoriously unimaginative at problem-solving, achieving objectives, or honoring those who do. However, please know I did my very best to perform my mission, and zealously did everything I could to expose and destroy these terrorist networks, and prevent your son and daughter’s suffering.

I say this with great shame and regret, as both a military officer and an defense contractor: It is with a heart heavy with sadness and guilt and blood boiling-over with outrage that I must confess to you that I, as well as Booz Allen Hamilton, the senior level military officer corps, and members congress and the Obama Administration, have contributed to the death of your son, daughter, father, mother, husband or wife, by failing in our threat finance mission; and then covering it up, which, technically speaking, may amount to “aiding and abetting” the enemies of the United States. Equally to blame are the media, who have stuck their heads in the sand. This was, in part, why Edward Snowden chose to reveal his information directly to the American people—and avoid suffering the same fate I endured for “telling truth to power”.

The people who knew about this issue, and who refused to do anything about it or even share it with you, include:
Senator Diane Feinstein (California), Senator Barbara Boxer (California), Senator Carl Levin (Michigan), Senator John McCain (Arizona), Senator Lindsay Graham (South Carolina), Senator Bill Nelson (Florida) Representative Jason Chaffetz, Representative Darryl Issa, Representative Mike Rogers, Chair of House Intelligence Committee, Representative Peter King, and many other members of Congress who held key positions in military, national security, and intelligence matters. Their names are contained in the whistleblowing report “FOLLOW THE MONEY.” You may review this report at: Click link here: lulu.com/shop/2lt-scott-bennett-11th-psychological-operations-battalion/follow-the-money/paperback/ 

Also responsible are the officials and journalists who were informed, yet did nothing, at Fox News, NBC, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Washington Post, and other media organizations.

Most culpable are General James Mattis (U.S. Central Command), General Jeffrey Jacobs (U.S. Civil Affairs-Psychological Operations Command), General Keith Alexander and Michael Hayden (NSA-Cyber Command), National Counter-terrorism Center Director Matthew Olsen, FBI Director James Comey, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, CIA Director John Brennan, Defense Intelligence Agency Director Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn; as well as Booz Allen Hamilton, the Carlyle Group, and its officers.

All letters to these people, and others, are contained within the document: “EXHIBITS: Letters to Congress, Military, Media”, and are available for review at: armypsyop.wix.com/scottbennett

Amazingly all of these men testified at a hearing before Senate (Select) Intelligence Committee January 29, 2014 and savagely attacked Edward Snowden (NSA-CIA whistle-blower) for revealing much of this information to journalists such as Glenn Greenwald at the Guardian). In my opinion, they did this not out of duty to defend the Constitution, but out of a selfish desire to conceal their own incompetence and ill-motives, and continue their invasive surveillance operations on American citizens without question. Hopefully you will question them about it through emails, phone calls, op-ed letters, and blogs.

Most alarming is that now, in a cancerous CIA engineered psychological manipulation (aka, strategic communication) targeting American citizens, the White House (and by proxy State Department, CIA/NSA, and the military) is attempting to re-direct public attention away from this terrorist-finance failure and corroborating Edward Snowden/Wikileaks documents by initiating new military-mercenary fronts in Ukraine, Syria, and Iraq. Sadly, like the Iraq war build-up, and the “too big to fail” bank bailout, the American media—either out of ignorance or complicity—is participating in the deceptions.

As you may already understand, in a larger “Patriot Act” sense, this is really just part of an endlessly revolving defense contract and homeland security power-grab strategy that will eventually bankrupt the U.S. by degenerating our Republic into a police-state. This may soon quicken given the developing Russia-China natural gas contract and derivative weakening of U.S. dollar’s global economic influence.

As hard as it may be for civilians to stomach, sometimes they must act like soldiers to preserve their civilization and civil ways of life, prosperity, and peace. Based on this information, it may seem that we are on the precipice of a dark abyss in our nation’s history. I believe now, given the recent revelations of the government threats to our privacy and liberty, all Americans must act like soldiers and protect their family by peacefully, though firmly, affirming and exercising their legal right to accountability and transparency in government and its sub-contractors (such as Booz Allen Hamilton).
If Americans fail to make a stand and do this, then no longer are they citizens worthy of freedom, but slaves living by permission of a dangerously biased and legally unstable military-political tyranny controlled by a “security clearance bureaucrat class”, who could very soon redefine “freedom” as “a special privilege”, or even “bail”, given only to those deemed worthy by the government bureaucracy and its “top secret” contractors—all supposedly operating under the color of law and “in the people’s best interests.”
I believe, and hope you will agree with me, that to redeem the past decade’s despicable waste of lives and resources—and revitalize the reputation and hope of the United States of America in the eyes of the world, the following should happen:
1) The cover-up of this NSA-CIA, Swiss Bank-Terrorist Financing-Booz Allen Hamilton report needs to be exposed immediately;
2) those Congressional and military leaders and the journalists who have refused to analyze or disclose this report need to be confronted, judged, and held to account by you—the public; and
3) new, fearless America leaders need to arise, clamp down on this “hemorrhaging of liberty”, and boldly inspire our allies (Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand) to act intelligently and, where appropriate, strategically ally with the BRIC nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China) on engagements within the Middle East instead of clumsily antagonizing or threatening them.
For unless the American people are slapped awake from the encroaching “coma” of martial law, and see with fresh eyes the impending catastrophe of our reckless and arrogant policy of global military adventurism and vain pursuit of empire, soon our hard-fought heritage of freedom—and national pride—will evaporate like mist in the desert; and more American blood will be shed by terrorists who, ironically—if not treasonously—are being financed by bank accounts the U.S. Government, the military, defense contractors, and the media are refusing to expose and shut down!

Our choice is very simple: either we continue to allow ourselves to be force-fed propaganda by the “Top Secret clearance” class (the political-bureaucrat elite), and blindly swallow the threat of terrorism and the fantasy of a warm, loving Executive Branch agenda like pills given to passive dogs having their throats rubbed by dominant masters; or we snarl, bark, and bite (in that order) and free ourselves from their information headlock in order to allow our understanding to clear; and carefully examine the point of the medication (i.e., information restrictions) and managers of them. It is a question of temperament and faith (in either self or government) at its core, but I strongly urge you to choose the latter.

I ask you to gird the loins of your mind as military family members (mothers and fathers, husbands and wives, sons and daughters) and share this information with your fellow Americans by writing letters, emails, blogs, facebook comments, instagrams, and twitter feeds to the military-congressional-media people I have listed; demand from them an explanation, and rest not until they give you one.

Among my many duties as battalion Adjutant General Officer was to write the letter to a soldier’s family after he has been killed, explaining why and how it happened. It is also, I believe, the saddest and most difficult letter a human being can compose, for the words affect lives like flames affect a forest, like waves affect sandcastles. You enter the letter knowing its touch will trigger pain, if not agony, as it pierces the bubble of sadness and isolation the family has retreated into in an attempt to numb the gnawing silence of their loved one’s absence. And as much as the words are carefully calculated to read like a Shakespearean sonnet, they can’t help but feel like a red-hot poker cauterizing a bleeding wound: there is closure, but also a significant sense of rage against the healer—or, in this case, the communicator of truth.

When the letter is pulled from the mailbox, the sight of the gold embossed, military eagle emblem on the corner, instantly transforms the paper into a hundred pound weight, and the person’s spirit plummets into a vortex of horror, anger, fear, and renewed loss. Unopened, the letter sits alone, in quarantine, upon a checkerboard kitchen table, staring up in silence like a motionless, coiled snake ready to strike, or an inevitable electric shock waiting to be touched. When it’s finally unsealed, words pour out and images are absorbed that shatter the cocooning solitude; and like a tornado of jagged metal and glass shards tearing through the scar-tissue cobwebbing their souls, everything and anything the family has tried to restrain, suppress, or dreamed to forget is suddenly stirred-up.

So rest assured I’m familiar with the trauma and drama of words. In this regard I have weighed heavily whether or not I should write this letter to you, not out of concern for my own safety, but rather respect for you as a military family member. As much as I do not wish to re-open old wounds, I also cannot allow a festering question or missing gap in your understanding to remain empty and lingering like a half-dead ghost searching for peace.

In the event of my death—aka CIA-FBI-Military (or foreign) assassination—please know I share this with you out of a sense of duty to my fellow soldiers, living and deceased, and utmost respect to you as their family. I thought you would want to know about this story so that you might both gain closure and discover new subjects to discuss with the military leaders and politicians and journalists who hold the lives of your sons and daughters (or those of your neighbors) in their hands—and who have, so far, failed to honor them out of their own selfish career interests and political fear.

I am sorry for any pain or irritability or confusion this letter may have caused you, but I am convicted that its long term healing—of both your family and our nation—is worth any inconvenient, momentary discomfort.

As my reward for bringing this issue to the attention of the military and Congress—and communicating it up the official channels of my chain of command—I have suffered what Edward Snowden chose wisely to avoid: I have been threatened, imprisoned, slandered, and tortured by the military, Congress, and the Department of Justice in a vain attempt to silence me about these, and other, scandalous military-intelligence failures.

However, despite this brutality and corruption, my faith and my honor code as a military officer and as an American, as well as my oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States, absolutely compels me to inform you about this so that you, as my military family members, will, at last, be able to apply this information towards your own healing and peace of mind. My desire is that this letter and the supporting documents will give you that fulfillment, that release, that peace…or at least guide you to the eternal path which leads to it.

I hope that you will help save other service-members—American and allied—before they are killed by this failure of leadership, and spare other families from having to experience the same heartache that you have had to endure.

Again, I hope you will honor our warriors by sharing this information with your fellow Americans, and demanding an explanation, an apology, and a plan of corrective-action from the media, the military leadership, and the politicians in Washington DC and your respective State Capitols, before more families suffer unnecessary loss.

Once again, I urge you to review all the supporting documentation, testimony, and materials to help you understand everything at: http://armypsyop.wix.com/scottbennett

You may contact me for details at: armypsyop@outlook.com

Respectfully and patriotically yours,

Scott Bennett,
11th Psychological Operations Battalion
U.S. Army Reserve

Note: At 25 min. interview with Scott Bennett by John B. Wells

On Leadership: Joel Miller for Mayor

Mayoral Candidate Joel Miller on City Leadership:

Picture of Mayoral Candidate Joel Miller

Picture of Mayoral Candidate Joel Miller


1. TRANSPARENCY is an essential component of good governance. This can be accomplished by allowing the public easy access to documents, calendars, meetings, budgets and plans for the future. Transparency shall be a component of every action plan. When government fears the people, it is because government is not working for the people.

2. ACCOUNTABILITY to voters shall be at the forefront of every elected official’s and City employee’s mind. We work for the citizens, and as such, we shall ask citizens to help us celebrate our successes and hold us accountable for our failures.

3. CHECKS AND BALANCES shall be present within and between the legislative and executive branches. This can be achieved by not only adhering to the balance-of-powers parameters set forth through our City Charter, but by going beyond those standards; each branch should be open and transparent with information, so that the other branch can check that information to ensure the citizens are getting the best result.

4. COOPERATION BETWEEN BRANCHES does not mean total agreement on every issue. In fact, working through disagreements can often lead to a better result. It’s the “working through” component that’s paramount. An open and public dialogue, where all parties have equal access to City staff and other true experts, is the type of cooperation that will move the City forward.


1. STORMWATER—Costs associated with stormwater should be covered by the City budget. There is no need to additionally tax or fee citizens in order to pay for stormwater. Because stormwater has been neglected in our budget for years, it may take some time to catch up with the projects, but when I’m elected, I’ll make sure that occurs.

2. CITY FOR CHAMPIONS is corporate welfare. Locally, the C4C downtown stadium will cost us more than $200 million. When elected, I will immediately remove the stadium from the C4C suite of projects.

3. UTILITIES OWNERSHIP AND GOVERNANCE—Our municipally owned utilities is an incredible asset to our city. I will not support the sale of our utilities, as this would lead to higher rates and less reliable service. Regarding governance, our Utilities Board should be elected by citizens. Currently our City Council is our Utilities Board. Either this should remain the case, or there should be a separate board that is also elected by the people.

E. ACTION PLANS—I will devise action plans to address important issues and concerns. Below is a snapshot of some issues that need to be addressed.

1. CITY ATTORNEY’S OFFICE—There is an inherent conflict of interest, when the City Attorney’s Office (CAO) must serve both the executive and legislative branches of government, but CAO staff is only hired and fired by the executive branch. I will direct some assets of the CAO, including an attorney, to move from the City Administration Building (CAB) to City Hall, where those assets can more directly serve Council. Utilities attorneys will also move from the CAB, and will be housed in the Utilities Plaza of the Rockies. Attorneys of the City Council and Utilities will serve at the pleasure of Council and Utilities and will not be reprimanded by me, as Mayor, for serving the needs of those bodies, even if those needs conflict with my own. Conflicts will be negotiated to the point where the best interests of the citizens are served.

Furthermore, outside counsel will only be hired by the executive branch with approval of the City Council, as prescribed by Charter, and work product from outside counsel will be available to City Council, especially if such knowledge will benefit both branches, unless it involves a personnel matter or a matter of possible litigation between branches.

Regarding closed executive sessions, the CAO will be instructed to advise closed executive sessions with Council in only the most extreme cases of personnel matters and pending litigation, and only after conferring with the Mayor and with due notice to the public.

The Mayor, City Council, Utilities and the City Attorney’s Office serve the citizens of Colorado Springs and the operation of all our assets should reflect that fact.

More on Facebook Page, Joel Miller for Mayor Facebook Page 

2. GUN LAWS—Immediate contact will be made with the legislative contingent from our area, offering assistance in the repeal of Governor Hickenlooper’s gun laws that were defended by former Attorney General John Suthers. Bipartisan support for our Second Amendment rights have been evidenced in Colorado Springs, and as such, the Mayor will do everything in his power to help repeal gun laws that weaken those rights.

3. BUDGET—The budget shall be based on the same number of departments in which the City is operated. City Council will participate in forming budget priorities and preparing the actual budget.

4. CITY CODE—A scrub of City Code will be performed to analyze all “It shall be illegal” clauses, as these infractions can lead to significant jail time and should only be present if the punishment fits the crime.

5. COUNCIL STAFF—City Council staff shall be hired and fired by Council. A review of the appropriate Charter language on this subject shall occur, and if deemed appropriate by the Mayor and City Council, a Charter change will be brought before voters at the next municipal election.

6. CHARTER REVIEW—A full Charter review will occur at the behest of the Mayor, and the committee shall include members of Council, City staff, and everyday members of the community who demonstrate a passion for local government. Please Vote Joel Miller for Mayor. Share his leadership with Family, friends and co-workers.

Posted by Precinct 405 Leader

City Elections April 7, 2015: Colorado Springs

General Municipal Election April 7, 2015: City of Colorado Springs

City of Colorado Springs Elections Voters have had plenty of time to conduct due diligence on all candidates running for office. Many still will be studying the issues in days ahead before voting and getting behind sincere candidates that truly care about the city and not the wishes of special interests. Most hope to fund money making ventures that call on using tax payers money at their benefit or some of selective fews hidden agendas. What comments or concerns from voters have been out there? Below are a few:
On John Suthers…- As Attorney General, John Suthers attacked our gun rights when he defended Hickenlooper’s Second Amendment-weakening laws. Suthers had no legal obligation to participate in the lawsuit. In fact, our Colorado State Supreme Court has clearly stated that Attorneys General should challenge laws they find unconstitutional. Source: Colorado Supreme Court Case No 03SA133, December 1, 2003….
By a Precinct area research group- ….In case you are wondering who to vote for in the city election, this group has done the research and I know this research is correct. Please vote for Joel Miller for Mayor, for city council at large, vote for Joe Woyt, Vicki Tomkins and Longinos Gonzalez . Vote NO to recall Helen Collins in Dist. 4. A felon was purposely run against Helen so he would be disqualified. Now council will select who is to represent Dist. 4 and that person will support a large developer who has paid for Helen’s recall. She votes against this corruption. Our city is ruled by a couple large developers and we must stop them from stacking the city council to their favor. They want the money to charge us for City for Champions through tax incentive funding and Urban Renewal. They want to take over Colorado Springs Utilities with their board of directors, taking it away from city council. I agree our city council is not educated to handle Utilities but a developer has no business running our city owned utility company to receive benefits no other person or company will get. I am very disappointed in the corruption in our city government, We The People, MUST stop it….
Other information On Stadiums…Sports stadiums are bad public investments. So why are cities still paying for them? Includes video. Click here, Sports Stadiums are Bad Public Investment,on how big Stadiums affected other cities, produced little benefit while creating temporary low paying jobs and left many with huge debts. (Reason Magazine)
From Christian and political perspective group- ….Election Day. Please do not ignore your city election ballot. So many fellow residents do not participate in our city elections and that makes the tyrants very happy. It means they do not need as many votes to get in power and stay there. Disappoint them! Is it overstating the case to call what is happening in Colorado Springs tyranny? Absolutely NOT!! Make no mistake tyrants exist at all levels of power: city, county, state and federal. Positions of power and control over others always attract tyrants and elections place people in positions that have power and control over the rest of us. Where does the tyranny in Colorado Springs come from? Greed. Elected positions give tyrants access to all of our wallets via the collection of taxes. There are multiple names for this: crony capitalism, corporatism and crapitalism. It is an unholy alliance between government officials and those businesses intent on bankrolling their projects with your tax dollars instead of relying only on the mechanisms of capitalism. Is this an anti-business perspective? Absolutely NOT! Specifically, what do the tyrants in Colorado Springs want? In part, they would like to take tax money collected from all of us to pay for the City for Champions corporatism scheme. They would also like to change how our Colorado Springs Utilities is governed. Why? Because they have a lot of unproven and unreliable green energy projects they would like to implement, which will be of great financial benefit to someone, somewhere – just not to our city. To do that, they need lots of our money and the elimination of the Drake Power Plant (which is exceeding current and impending EPA standards). What is standing in their way? Elected City Council members who are accountable to the voters. That’s a problem. Unelected appointees would make the tyrants’ job of implementing bigger government, global warming/climate change policies much easier. A note about the global warming/climate change agenda (a concept that an appalling 11 out of the 12 at-large City Council candidates agreed with in a recent debate). It is a scam full of lies designed to give government more power and control over every aspect of our lives, separate us from our our money and reduce the power and influence of America. At the end of 2014, global sea ice area was 996,000 km2 above the 30-year average as measured by satellites. In October 2014, climate skeptics reported that satellite data has shown no temperature increase since 1997. Tide gauges show no rise in sea levels. Charts show that there is essentially a zero correlation between U.S. temperatures and atmospheric CO2, a gas that we all learned in elementary school is needed by plant life on our planet to grow. Scientists recently published irrefutable findings in a Science Bulletin paper identifying flaws in climate computer models showing how they are overstating the impact of CO2 on climate by a factor of three times (per Powerline). There is some research that when we remineralize the earth with pulverized natural rocks it helps add minerals and healthier for growing agriculture naturally gets rid of climate problems. Spraying the sky with particles of Aluminum is not the answer but making the earth climate worse. More here from precinct 405 leadership on this, Remineralize the earth. This is worth studying further.
On Tabor… Are the problems of Colorado Springs the result of TABOR restrictions and declining tax revenues? That is what the tyrants want you to believe. But this is a fairy tale designed to separate us from our hard-earned money. The annual revenue for our city is $445 million (please see the Welcome Page at click here, collinsforcouncil.com for a more accurate picture of what is going on with the city budget). That is more than enough money to finance the legitimate functions of city government that benefit all: Paying the salary and expenses for those who govern and manage the country (Romans 13:6); Paying for buildings, roads, and common areas that are both necessary and open to the public (1 Kings 7:7 and Deuteronomy 19:3); and Paying for essential services like protection and defense (2 Chronicles 11:5). Good city government should focus on bringing the necessary services to the citizens of Colorado Springs at the cheapest, most effective cost. More by neighborhood leader…Why not John Suthers? Aside from being a top tyrant pick, I believe him to be a man who does not fear God, is not trustworthy and does not hate dishonest gain. As the Attorney General for Colorado, he did not stand up for the will of the Colorado voters when the federal courts imposed homosexual marriage on us (compare this to how Alabama Republicans are standing up for their voters – go to Legal Council.org for a powerful legal defense of marriage from the Alabama Supreme Court). He also supported the authoritarian and despotic use of government to crush the First Amendment rights of the Christian baker in Denver. He also prosecuted the author of TABOR, turning him into a felon. I believe this is a first step designed to discredit TABOR so that it can be eliminated and we can be taxed without restraint. Please do not be fooled by this man.
On Ballot Issues 1 and 2- Why some voters said will vote yes in order for more checks & balances at Mayors office-
Issue 1

I will be voting YES. Under the current city charter (as revised when our city voted for a strong mayor form of government), the Mayor has authority to execute contracts and agreements for Colorado Springs Utilities. A yes vote would remove that power from the Mayor’s office. The Mayor does not sit on the governing board of our utilities so it is curious that he was given this authority. The governing board is made up of City Council members who should have this authority in keeping with their responsibilities. It is always better to put power in the hands of many, instead of just one. Since separation of powers is the best governing arrangement, it is unfortunate that this was not written in a way that requires the Mayor and City Council to work together in this area.

Issue 2
I will be voting YES. Under the current city charter (as revised when our city voted for a strong mayor form of government), the Mayor appoints, directs and supervises the City Administrator and directs and supervises the City Auditor and the employees and assistants for both. This was a source of great conflict during the last Mayor’s term. A yes vote would remove these responsibilities from the Mayor and give them to the City Council members. Again, it is always better to put power in the hands of many, instead of just one. Since separation of powers is the best governing arrangement, it is unfortunate that this was not written in a way that requires the Mayor and City Council to work together in this area.

On City Council at Large-Joe Woyte and Vickie Tonkins for City Council At- Large are favorites around precinct.

Mayoral Candidates Voting Records

Mayoral Candidates Voting Records

Click here, to view Sample Ballot. This is a city election and not county so ballot boxes may be at different locations. The East library on Union has a ballot submission box outside to include some local police departments like the one on Tutt near Powers Blvd and Barnes Road.Ballots must be turned in by 7:00 pm on Election Day, Tuesday April 7, 2015 for it too be counted.

Loss of Property Rights : Common Core, Technocracy and Agenda 21

Loss of Property Rights Via Common Core, Technocracy and Agenda 21

Technocracy in the Making

Do you have a Smart Meter attached to your home? Did you give consent in order for your older analog meter to be removed from your property? Where you given informed consent about the long- term exposure effects (also conducted studies) to your health when these meters are used? Do you understand what it means when these meters are able to read remotely your use of appliances and energy usage? Are you no longer able to be protected and be secure in your person and private property? Who authorized this back door change to our daily living and Constitutional Republic form of government? Does the government have the authority to take 2008 bailout money to pay for these meters to our own detriment? And if so, by who’s direct Command? Who has the authority to force the use of these bio-effect frequency pulsating meters on all citizens across the globe and largely with US tax payers’ money? Why is this also being implemented globally? What is the true motive behind all these changes? Was this part of the reason Obama was conveniently propelled into office with the lets “Change” campaign and if so who will mainly benefit and control that changed system? Why the secretive back door implementations? Are all these changes to our country leading incrementally to a Fascist like State? Business and economic researcher, Patrick Wood, via well-documented study over the years says that it’s not for fascism or communism although the later will be used as the preliminary step; however once control of our medical, education and other institutions is achieved a new system of top down control called Technocracy will be fully implemented. This was accomplished via control of our executive branch over the years with Trilateral members think tanks that had this goal since after WWII (Hitlers era) to harness all productivity, all world resources and to include all land which will facilitate whichever new crazy project (Trans-humanism perhaps?) onto others with no repercussion or checks or balances.
The triumph of Private Property Rights
This new economic system is being implemented without proper informed consent to the public and makes use of all technology and reason for big data center construction in Utah that is built to monitor world data and later control all activity, all information and even all aspect of people’s lives. (note: under common core even kids data is collected and allowed to be shared with 3rd parties via Obama executive order 12288 Unlocking the data of FERPA that had provided prior student protections).
To better understand, the video below does a great job of providing not only the information as to the why but also the evidence making the case that Technocracy is a system based on Scientism. This scientific dictatorship form will replace or existing rightful representative of the people not just special interests or NGOs form of government. This is no different than the prior ideas of Julian Huxley when serving as the first director of Unesco. This project is Usurpation of our form of government and theft of our property rights in the making. Also, many politicians in America are using “transformation Speeches” which is the word buzz preparing us for that new system. Americans must standup and stop these Constitutional violations and insult to our existing government for its Treason plain and simply. No one in our country is a Dictator to use such an overreach and abuse of power towards our humanity. Also, we refuse to become squatters’ in our own land. More will discussed later on Julian Huxley, the United Nations, and Unesco historical ties.

Video Published on Mar 20, 2015 by Caravan to Midnight.com
Episode 250 – Today we welcome Patrick Wood on board to show us why the U.S., and the world for that matter, has transformed the way it has; and to bring light to the solutions that will quell these issues. By John B. Wells. Please support the time and efforts of presenters and all Americans that have devoted years and many hours of intense research to shed light to what is happening to our country. Participate, contribute and take action in saving your family, your land, jobs and your country. God bless you all. Special thanks to all patriots out there trying to assist in preserving our rule of law, land, liberties and country.

Joel Miller for Mayor of Colorado Springs

Platform JoelMillerforMayor.com
• Anti-establishment conservative who’ll give control back to Colorado Springs Citizens.
• No $200 million in local taxes for downtown stadium. My opponents support this corporate welfare.
• No Storm water fee or tax. Focused use of existing budget can meet critical needs.
• Yes to end crony capitalism/ Special favors.
• 1992 USAFA graduate. 21+ year’s military service.
• Protected your rights and wallets while serving on City Council, Utilities Board, and Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority Board.

Joel Miller for MayorCity of Colorado Springs

Common Core Education and Deceptive Sell-out Bills Part 2

PARCC Testing Common Core

PARCC Testing Common Core

Common Core Education and Deceptive Sell-out Bills Part 2
Common core is not about education but to assess our offspring until they are adopting and changing their values, attitudes and beliefs to those of Unesco (an organization deep rooted historically in the eugenics movement), United Nations and the Federal government (not in authority to bypass voters or congress for not able to act as a dictatorship or to use force). HR5 audio by Anita Hoge, Click here, HR5. One most consider the future implications of this since these organizations have never been good stewards or good examples of good values nor positive attitudes or beliefs towards the populations since for years have used deceptive practices for selective interests’ monetary gain such as:

  • Climate engineering/Raytheon/DOD/Weather Central Rothschild Owned in Wisconsin
  • Smart Meters
  • 2008 bail-outs to deceitfully fund parts of common core/to include implementation stages for Smart total world Control Grid
  • Inappropriate use of US private property for funding projects
  • Federal Reserve implementation when our congress should be the one overseeing the creation of money
  • escalating taxes
  • Wars of profits
  • Power harnessing via centralization
  • Monsanto takeover of world food supply/Bill Gates Mr. Common Core himself owns most stock and hired top Monsanto Executives
  • Vaccines poisoning our children to benefit big Pharma
  • Creating and owning the patent for Ebola which could be used when they see fit etc., to include other back door for profit agendas, and sell outs for the top tier to takeover all world resources incrementally for the existing oligarchy

Now about 84 percent of elementary grades are being assessed in adopting the common attitudes and beliefs of the common core copyrighted products, private benefactors’; non-existing standards. It is not the role of the government to standardize everyone to include asking to assess students’ health practices, careers and or assessing personal beliefs taking the role of a parent. Hopefully Robotic behavior won’t become an objective down the road since special interests (Google etc.) are funding the research with Obama money so they can map the human brain and use again to their advantage by remote controlling perhaps even the future behavior of all people.
Common Core if Accepted Waives States and Parental Rights
Common Core Waives States and Parental Rights
The assessments’ in the tests just go to show how the national curriculum is being slowly assimilated and working to assess how kids are changing their attitudes to accept their future and present outcomes (global governance perhaps via teaching interdependence? Etc.,) and not to truly teach our kids. This folks is the manipulation of our children and if one looks close enough child abuse since Obama authorized by executive order the unlocking of FERPA data that discloses personal information about the kids such as retina scans to be taken when they use computers, their address, parents information, voice prints, finger prints. (Biometric and Psychometric data). Common core consensus teaching is dangerous for our nation was not founded on dependency and cross checking of every single thought with upper authoritarians. Communist Karl Marx was the one that used that model (many others such as Mao killed millions with abuse or famine) and he was funded by some Wall Street interests according to prior research by former Hoover Institution Professor Antony Sutton and to this day they wish to make their dream working bee labor force serving at their mercy (Unesco historical roots) and today the many corporate welfare and NGO’s pushing common core an example of abuse of taxpayer’s money to cover their profit plans. And of course from time to time they get caught conducting further assaults on the unsuspecting public by placing metals in our foods, foreign materials and other stuff that alters our life spans). We must not allow ourselves nor our children to become part of their global inimical Dr. Monroe scientific laboratory. This is another reason they are getting big business to sign into their common core education agenda due to the control and expected profits for those running the system. If we allow this system and further assault to our humanity to continue future populations or offspring wont to able to object, escape, opt-out or reject the system. They are getting our children to accept their values, their attitudes and sick beliefs. This will be the end of free-will and liberty. (Skinner education research of reward and punishment/now with common core check marks to assess it). At this far stage we are just automatons or pre-robotic. As a despondent anything goes population then the total alteration of human biology could be implemented and what they seem to be after. For proof see the work of trans-humanist Ray Kurzweil now a top research engineer at Google.

Our forefathers fought for Liberty not to be Commoners
The technology lock down system will be impossible to remove and the movies such as Hunger Games are pre-conditioning of the youth to believe that perhaps a future hero person may come across in such a state but in reality it will never happen. The total control grid could even lock the doors of any room or cut-off the energy supply. (Via Smart Grid being implemented) Please note that in the new hotel at Denver airport people will check in with their I-phones which could deny access if the message is back coded to not accept or for non-payment.

History has a habit of repeating itself for populations often forget about their past history (common core also scrubs important aspects of American and world history at their convenience). Our country’s founders came to America and fought for Independence so they would not be subject to being Commoners or peasants to the British Empire (Monarchs or Oligarchs’) and today they rebrand under a back door new educational system (not new but same feudal system brought forward) and to top it labeling it Common Core as if we are so stupid to easily accept this deceitful implementation to go back again to being national commoners and becoming their new world of old dutiful working bees. Government should not trample on our personal and property rights that we fought so hard for our independence to be free from bondage or total take over. Today with technology any takeover no matter how small promises to be more deadly, predatory and permanent. Common core is not about education but behavior modification and alchemy to accept our consensus in becoming slaves to masters.
Call For general inquiries, and questions about the Department (ED) or education policy
1-800-USA-LEARN (1-800-872-5327)
Speakers available in Spanish and more than 170 languages.
Mailing address:
U.S. Department of Education
400 Maryland Avenue, SW
Washington, D.C. 20202
Contact: Scott Tipton- Washington, DC 218 Cannon HOB Washington, DC 20515 Phone: (202) 225-4761 Fax: (202) 226-9669

Mike Coffman-Rayburn House Office Building Room 2443 Washington, DC 20515 Phone: 202.225.7882 Fax: 202.226.4623

Jared Polis- Washington office at (202) 225-2161

Diane Degette- Denver District Office

600 Grant Street, Suite 202 Denver, CO 80203 Phone: (303) 844-4988

Re: Emergency Bulletin: March 16, 2015 Attempt Vote for HR5 Common Core, the Cousin Bill of Senate bill 1094

Call Ken Buck
Washington, DC Office
416 Cannon House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515

Phone: (202) 225-4676
Fax: (202) 225-5870

Emergency Bulletin: March 16, 2015 Attempt Vote for HR5 Common Core

Emergency Bulletin sent VIA E-MAIL. “. HR 5 has been resurrected. Rumor has it they will vote on MARCH 16th. If HR 5 passes then everything at the state level is null and void. HR5 strips states sovereignty  and parental rights completely. It’s all tied to the funding. Each child will be Title 1 and each school who agrees to take the money agrees to waive state authority. It redefines what “parent” means. The Student Success Act revision must die! So must NCLB. It must SUNSET. Please take the time to read the attached article and get on the phone particularly to Scott Tipton, Mike Coffman, Jared Polis, and Diane Degette. Each of these have publically supported these bills and efforts and I saw on C-Span some of their testimonies. They must know they do not speak for us by voting yes. WE WANT A NO VOTE ON HR 5!!!!!!” (Anita Stapleton, Colorado, 2015)

Contact: Scott Tipton- Washington, DC 218 Cannon HOB Washington, DC 20515 Phone: (202) 225-4761 Fax: (202) 226-9669       

Mike Coffman-Rayburn House Office Building Room 2443 Washington, DC 20515 Phone: 202.225.7882 Fax: 202.226.4623  

Jared Polis- Washington office at (202) 225-2161

Diane Degette- Denver District Office

600 Grant Street, Suite 202 Denver, CO 80203 Phone: (303) 844-4988  

Re: Emergency Bulletin: March 16, 2015 Attempt Vote for HR5 Common Core, the Cousin Bill of Senate bill 1094

The Skinny on Common Core Part I

The Skinny on Common Core Part I

Common Core is the Re-Structuring of America through education. (Anita Hoge, 2015). There are two bills, one in the senate by the name of Senate Bill 1094 and one in the House Bill H.R5 that have been labeled the kissing cousins since both are very similar. In fact each one will have common core funds following the child even if they go to a charter, private and or religious school. It is dishonest to give misinformation to parents in telling them that vouchers will exempt their child from the common core agendas for that is not true since each child has been labeled a Title One child as a back door way to get all children in America in this restructuring of America society to a collectivist model with common core. Each individual child has to meet the federal government mandates and outcomes in their view of educational objectives that include biometric and psychometric data collection. This is the Nationalization of Education and with each child having a unique ID that follows the child individual well into the workforce and into retirement. The teachers along with school counselors and social workers via testing give kids check marks for several testing responses in their behaviors, social and educational responses. So what is Title I (one)? Title I is when a school had to have at least 40% of children with reduced lunches, special needs or poverty and be educationally deprived. Secretary Duncan, according to Mrs. Hoge, lowered that number so that now all children are now classified or blanketed as educational deprived and in order for the common core money given to the individual States to follow each child no matter the location or school since vouchers (under the label of so call choice) will follow the child with the student backpack like ID. This was accomplished via The National Center of Statistics so that each child will have this unique ID that identifies him or her and that collects all the longitude data (CBS article, 2013) to include all tests given and responses. This was done via furthering along (link Executive Order 12866. {While states are thinking they have struck down Common Core, Obama is using the ESEA Flexibility Waivers to hide his real agenda—to Continue Common Core. Many ‘conservatives’ are—wittingly or unwittingly—helping Obama’s cause. The move to “Strike Down Common Core” is a fake. It is a sophisticated machination to masquerade the real agenda embraced by ‘conservative’ groups who are working in tandem with the Obama Administration. “Race to the Top” and the Common Core Copyright made up the ‘foot in the door’ for standardizing the 50-state strategy. This was the first step towards nationalizing education—with national standards, a national test, and moving toward a national curriculum. Parents against Common Core are being used, especially by directing them to a new, easy answer to sidestep Common Core, i.e., government-controlled “choice.” ‘Conservative’ groups have told parents they can save their children from the federal government by supporting this “choice.” Little do these ‘new-to-the-system’ parents realize that they are being set up for a trap? Choice is that trap, and charter schools are right behind, for the bigger trap agenda}. (Anita Hoge, Common Core related Information 2015). As many have realized this is meant to confuse everyone while propelling the agenda forward and will eventually lead to the loss of representative government in the United States. In the long run many public schools to include their school boards and private property will slowly disappear. For more brevity above in part II are some brief bullet point summaries from several interviews given by Anita Hoge and many others across the country researching trying to bring more clarity and warning so everyone becomes aware and contacts their local representatives. Devoted time for this part 1:31:13.20 prior to posting. Reading and going over interviews 3 hours

The taking over of education by government is at number 10 list of communist Manifesto
Article by precinct leader 405

Common Core Research

Common Core Research
Common Core has many agendas behind its implementation and will take away incrementally Representative Government and School Boards via Title One money (fed enticements given to each State) to follow the child well into all private or charter schools. This will monitor all behavior of all children following them well into retirement. Humans become capital to the government which makes people indentured servants to government wishes and outcomes for people in general and society. This is a scary situation when government has been sponsoring Transhumanist research that threatens to alter human biology to include our environment via geo-engineering. The school curriculum uses indoctrination with consensus based attitudes so our posterity does not question the State, authority or any inimical mandates pushed down from government itself. (True Communism).
Basic Research here was provided by Ann Marie Banfield and Anita Stapleton of Stop Common Core Colorado.
As Ann Marie Banfield wrote: “What is going on here? The Secretary of Education can’t enforce any requirements under the program that would violate states’ rights UNLESS the state legislature gives its consent to participate in the ESEA, which encompasses around $25 Billion in aid to states. Essentially, participating in the program to receive funds requires states to waive their states’ rights and those of the parent over their child if they conflict with ANY requirements of the program.

This one is such a betrayal.
I’ve never been so shocked and angry over a proposed Congressional bill that I burst into tears. Not until tonight.
I’d been quietly reading and taking notes on H.R. 5, “Student Success Act” (SSA) when my husband simply, offhandedly asked me how I was doing. Though I’d been quiet, I was boiling over as I read tucked-away portions of this 600+ page bill which, despite the local-control-touting, anti-Common Core-sounding words (on page 10 and elsewhere), is terrible. When my husband asked how I was doing, I stood up, walked to the couch and explained through my hot, angry tears what destruction and reduction of vital freedoms will take place if this bill passes:
It ends private schools’ religious freedom from government control. It harms funding freedom in private schools. It puts into question parental rights and control over education. It pushes sameness of testing. Those are just a few things. There are more.
We have conscious deceivers in D.C. pushing this bill: its damages are so painfully ironic. The bill is touted specifically to “reduce the federal footprint and restore local control while empowering parents“. What a poignant lie.
If H.R. 5 passes this week, in exchange for billions in federal funding, we will be crushed in the following ways. The federal Department of Education aims to take over:

H.R. 5 the “Student Success Act” won’t be enforced for five years– plenty of time for its promoters to plan implementation, and for the opposition to burn out, give up, to feel there’s no way to rein it in.
The bill is 600-plus-pages long but was just barely introduced this month; and it’s being fast-tracked for a vote this week. Those whose lives will be changed by it have likely never heard of it and elected reps haven’t had time to debate intended and unintended consequences.
Would our representatives vote to pass this bill if they knew that it included such hidden away, serious damages to Americans’ freedoms?
I want to thank Ann Marie Banfield of Stop Common Core in New Hampshire, who sent me her summary and pointed to specific paragraphs and pages in this huge bill, to focus attention on where vital freedoms are being slashed. I have included her notes following mine. I invite you to verify for yourself.

If you read no further, here’s the bottom line:
H.R. 5 is not a viable alternative to the terrible “Every Child Ready for College and Career” bill.
Please call reps and senators:
Vote NO on H.R. 5, the Student Success Act.

Here are highlights with pages, sections and direct quotes:
Subpart 4, Section 6561 (page 564 on the pdf) says:
“STATES TO RETAIN RIGHTS AND AUTHORITIES THEY DO NOT EXPRESSLY WAIVE” –How will a state “expressly waive” its authorities and rights? –Answer from the bill: simply by having a state legislature accept federal money.
A state that acts “inconsistently with any requirement that might be imposed by the Secretary as a condition of receiving that assistance” will waive its authority because the legislature of that state would have “expressly approved that [federal] program”. If a state’s or a parent’s rights conflicted with a requirement, too bad: the federal bill claims authority to enforce obedience from states because the states take the money.
Read: “…nor shall any authority of a State have any obligation to obey… unless the legislature…. approved that program and in so doing, have waived the state’s rights and authorities to act inconsistently with any requirement that might be imposed by the Secretary…” So states have no obligation to obey unless they approved federally promoted programs (which the states have done in multiple ways).
As Ann Marie Banfield wrote: “What is going on here? The Secretary of Education can’t enforce any requirements under the program that would violate states’ rights UNLESS the state legislature gives its consent to participate in the ESEA, which encompasses around $25 Billion in aid to states. Essentially, participating in the program to receive funds requires states to waive their states’ rights and those of the parent over their child if they conflict with ANY requirements of the program.”
On page 567, Section 6564, we read that “…Other than the terms and conditions expressly approved by State law under the terms of this subpart, control over public education and parental rights to control the education of their children are vested exclusively within the autonomous zone of independent authority reserved to the states and individual Americans by the United States Constitution, other than the Federal Government’s undiminishable obligation to enforce minimum Federal standards of equal protection and due process.”
By tying inalienable parental rights to the receipt of funds and federal “obligations,” the bill just claimed authority to take parental rights away, under conditions it has just defined.
Even in the statement of purpose on page 11, the bill minimizes parents and maximizes itself, by “affording parents substantial and meaningful opportunities to participate in the education of their children”.
To reduce parents to a recipient of government-granted “opportunities to participate in” the education of a child is de-parenting. It’s far, far different from Utah’s legal code, which states in multiple places that: “A student’s parent or guardian is the primary person responsible for the education of the student, and the state is in a secondary and supportive role to the parent or guardian.”
Read pages 78-82. It mandates that private schools: “ensure that teachers and families of the children participate, on an equitable basis, in services and activities… SECULAR, NEUTRAL, NONIDEOLOGICAL.— Such educational services or other benefits, including materials and equipment, shall be secular, neutral and nonideological.”
What’s a private Catholic, Jewish, Mormon, Baptist, or any other private religious school to do? –Alter its beliefs to match mandates for altered materials, equipment and services?
This is the price we pay for “school choice” and “backpack funding,” folks. It’s not what they make it out to be. Where federal money goes, federal chokeholds follow.
The federal government has no right to mandate that private schools must give services that are secular and non-religious. (See page 79: it includes in its definition of services: one on one counseling, mentoring, educational television, computer technology and more).


An ombudsman, if you haven’t heard the term, is a paid position, a role in which a person investigates and mediates official complaints for a living. This bill mandates that private schools will be assigned a state-appointed ombudsman to monitor private schools: “The State educational agency involved shall designate an ombudsman to monitor and enforce the requirements.”
On page 82 the bill states that the LEA (school district) must consult with private school officials and must transmit results of their “agreement” to a state-appointed ombudsman. On page 86 the federal bill allows a private school to complain to the government: “private school official shall have the right to file a complaint with the State educational agency that the local educational agency did not engage in consultation that was meaningful and timely”. These are private schools. They never, ever have had any legal mandate to report to, complain to, speak to, or even think about state or federal governments. These are private schools; private means not public, not under government mandates.
On page 535, the bill slashes freedom by mandating equity for private and public schools. “Benefits provided under this section for private school children, teachers, and other educational personnel shall be equitable in comparison to services and other benefits for public school children, teachers, and other educational personnel”. The government has no right to command a private school to give more benefits, nor to withhold benefits, from private school teachers, staff or children. The same page states: “Expenditures for educational services and other benefits to eligible private school children, teachers, and other service personnel shall be equal to the expenditures for participating public school children.” The ombudsman’s job, according to page 80, is to “monitor and enforce” such “equity for private school children”.

Avoiding a Perfect Storm: All Citizens Need to Participate in Local Politics

DSC04696America is going to face a perfect storm in which economic, political, educational (common Core impact) and just about all aspects of our lives will be micro-managed by a bureaucratic non-representative of the People form of government. Time is of essence and we all must take a few minutes per day or hours per week in studying the issues and not just at election time but throughout the year. America and world have powerful enemies that just wish to harness their power and take all assets, private property, resources etc. and make of us and with globalism the entire world indentured servants (which is against our Constitution and Republican form of government) plain and simply with planning over many years turning us into serfs.

How could these objectives be achieved under the radar? Well most media is owned  by these very same powerful people and even our food supply with genetic modified organisms is affecting our babies being born and with so many vaccines being implemented even during pregnancy it is stated that in the next ten years One out of two male babies being born will be autistic. This will affect the future citizenry and our posterity future children ability to fight back an oppressive corrupt evil system.  Our DNA genetics are being slowly changed and with many metals in the air clear critical thinking may not be possible. We are the last generation that could reverse the incremental damage being done to our country, local county government (most infiltrated with propaganda) and to our citizens. Everyone must take time to study, analyze and attend local political gatherings and meetings. Run for public office or attend meetings. Keep up with any corruption and falsehoods when your rates for daily living are being raised. Please do not take the anger on your fellow neighbors or others for it is up to each of us to try and restore order, grow our economy and throw out of office irresponsible corrupt lying politicians.

Here we will announce a web page to review and about  the core of the evil perfect storm being placed to not just America but the world.  The August Forecast.com click on highlighted section where Patrick Wood goes over the “Technocracy Grid of Control” that does away with your private property rights and even free thinking since that grid affects the human mind and natural biological tranquility of you as a human sovereign being. There will be local training on running for public office and knowledge in local government politics. Local and leadership training if often hidden by powers that be for most on the know do not wish to have new leadership restoring sanity and fiscal responsibility to the communities in which we live. We are in the process of getting an older expert in American local county government that is non-partisan but focused on the original American  functioning of local county elections and proper county government. Yes, everyone is busy trying to make ends meet but we must each and every day work to restore order, prosperity, health, real education non-partisan that educates our citizens in critical thinking and for citizens to be independent from corrupt predatory existing living model. Lets make a committment for the New Year 2015 in participating each day in local politics even if seconds per day (watch out for mainstream hate promoting Propaganda Radio) and participate since silence implies your consent and agreement into the Predatory non sovereign and no private property rights to include that of your own mind or ability to use critical thinking.

Mail in Ballots for Election and Vote November 4, 2014

Mail in Ballots for Election and Vote November 4, 2014

End Obama administration madness.

Vote November 4, 2014

Voting Issues 2014: November 4 Election

    Voting Issues to look out for November 2014

There are plenty of ads trying to confuse voters and also lots of Corporate money in the many commercials since they will triple by the millions, perhaps even billions, their profits, so a good return on their investment. Monsanto push to hide Genetic Modified Organisms was in full swing on our food supply. The No on 105 even depicted people in their ads that looked like all American concerned people yet ad full of dis-information. The yes on 105 does NOT exclude or hide GMO’s (Genetic Modified Organisms) as they imply for beverages or restaurants is just that their category falls under different statutes of the Colorado Constitution and legislative process than that of our buying at grocery stores. This lie alone is grounds for everyone to vote YES on 105 to label genetic modified organisms in our Colorado food supply. The Vipers had the nerve to even call Precinct leaders homes to include my own for a so call conference call which was not at all a conference but a well funded rehearsed question and speakers mis-information given Adelphi-Technique style but on the phone to disuade those in voting leadership to tell others about their agenda and planned propaganda to continue to hide GMO’s in our food which tons of research indicate that it damages over time our organs and therefore not cheap when we have to go for medical care and spend trillions to future medical care benefiting the investment funds that is Obama Care terminating our health care benefits when many start to develop organ failure and no cure. How will the (Government re-investment health care tax forced on all Americans and Corporate Monsanto Defend themselves)? Well, they have arranged a legislation for themselves which Obama signed in the Monsanto Rider Act which states that NO ONE, even Jesus Christ if present, can sue Monsanto even if the person or group could prove that GMO’s the genetic modified organisms caused them Cancer or Organ Failure. Look it up for yourself.

Rats Tumors GMO Diet

Rats Tumors GMO Diet

When I asked to speak they muted my line. These vipers are very clever indeed. Other lies told was that GMOs’ crops increase food yield which is false (research studies prove this) and No it does not raise food prices but they will once the entire world falls victim to Monsanto’s and other such Corporations owning all genetic modified seeds, vegetation etc and with their control on all food dictate who lives or dies of starvation in the future. Even if there are a few costs which proven not it will level off once the GMO’s evil seeds of control go away, since people will save in not getting sick in the growing future or their human genetics not risking taking over the inserted foreign genetic materials ten expression into their human genes. They need to alter genetics in order to push the Trans-humanist future agenda that is so far during election season buried under the radar. Here are some questions and answers on the GMO issue explaining in the Yes on 105.

Another lie was that for centuries we have manipulating genetics but false since what we did in Agriculture was Grafting such cross breeding two strong plants to get a better plant without inserting foreign animal or genes from other species etc. Read the question and answer posted above to read for yourself. The fact is that damaged stressed organs do cause weight gain in the average person since the organs of digestion and liver would not function at optimal health as shown in studies done on rats fed a diet of GMO food.

Yes on 105- Yes to label Genetic modified Foods

Another voting issue big in 2014 is the abortion issue that the “Powers that Be” love for confusing voters and keeping us pinned between the Right vs. Left Paradigm while they destroy our country for globalism centralization. The fact is that those that push for abortion at the top tier know that vaccines are grown on fetal tissues mostly from abortions and vaccines are pushed today like candy in our culture even promoting them for six month old babies whose immune systems are not even fully developed to receive such an assault to their body of foreign material such as the toxic preservatives in them to include mercury with now 1 out of 42 males being born getting Autism which the Corporate CDC was hiding the studies to protect vaccine companies. So neither side benefits and those in the lower income brackets suffer the most in abortions which many black families suffer from and the system even rewards the separation of those families for hard for black women to get benefit if there is a man present in the
family. One must look behind the issue and of course now the industry seeking to perhaps vaccinate all people due to Ebola in which they fail to instruct the US owns the Ebola Patent. Is this convenient for them or what? Now with Obama care with this new government invest for profit fund to keeping funding other government projects such as wars it seems that more incentives will arise in that of perhaps forcing vaccines on huge populations further exposing already heavily vaccinated individuals to even more foreign material from experimental vaccines. With the gay agenda and 1 in 42 males being born Autistic (look it up) How is society to survive with dismal male leadership? Is this on purpose? It will be very easy for the take over of our American society, country and culture. This is Cowardly indeed and not a reason to not vote for anyone trying to avoid abortions due to our low birth rates. If needed women could go out of state, use proper birth control or the GOP should try to see beyond this tool used to throw off their elections to favor centralizer globalist that wish to destroy our society to place in the hands of the few and One Worlders Socialist as Hillary discloses in this article her intentions for a New World Order. Hillary is not statesman; especially when she scarified our navy seals at “Benghazi” arms for profit fiasco. Colorado needs new leadership and a new governor moving us out of the many socialist issues being passed in Colorado, perhaps Bob Beauprez as Governor may be a good change.

Bob Beauprez for Colorado

Below is information on the question and Answers for Genetic Modified food labels explaining most of the benefits for Yes on 105.

This posted in case the link above gets lost after the Elections since many organizations not for profit cannot afford to keep online nor do they have the millions in funds by the private corporates pushing for control of the food supply.

Yes on 105 Questions and Answers:
What Are Genetic Modified Foods (GMOs)
According to the World Health Organization, “genetically modified (GM) foods are derived from organisms whose genetic material (DNA) has been modified in a way that does not occur naturally”. Genetic engineering uses the process of artificially inserting foreign genes into the cellular structure of a plant, animal or microorganism in a laboratory to gain desired traits, i.e. herbicide tolerance, the ability to produce insecticidal toxins or other alleged benefits. They are commonly known as GMOs, genetically modified or genetically engineered organisms.
Currently approved genetically engineered crops are usually created one of two ways. The first is through a “gene gun”. Scientists essentially shoot millions of genes into a plate of cells, which are then cloned into a plant. The other way is through a bacterial infection; scientists use various bacterial strains that help transfer the new gene into another plant’s cell.
Genetic modification DOES NOT occurs in nature. It is the manual process of choosing a genome from one species and inserting it into the DNA of another species. This process is only possible in a laboratory.
Example: Certain genetically modified corn has been engineered to produce pesticides in its own cellular tissue. This GMO corn is regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency as an Insecticide, but is sold unlabeled in grocery stores in the United States.
What is the difference between a Hybrid and a GMO?
Genetically modified (GM) foods are derived from organisms whose genetic material (DNA) has been modified in a way that does not occur naturally.
Hybrids are created by the crossing of two compatible plants to create a new plant with characteristics of both parent plants.
What Foods Have Been Genetically Engineered?
Today, an estimated 75% of the processed food in the U.S. contains genetically engineered ingredients. Since their introduction in the food supply in 1996, the 5 main commodity crops (corn, soybeans, cotton, sugar beets and canola) have been genetically engineered to kill insects in farmers’ fields and/or survive the application of the weed killer Roundup.
According to the USDA, 93% of corn, 94% of soybeans and 95% of cotton contain patented genetically engineered genes as well as 95% of sugar beets and canola according to industry reports. In addition, varieties of genetically engineered papayas, zucchini, yellow crookneck squash, alfalfa and sweet corn have been approved in the United States.
At the moment, GMO apples, bananas and GMO salmon (the first genetically engineered animal), are awaiting approval or under review in the U.S., in addition to new varieties of GMO corn, soybeans and cotton that have been genetically engineered to survive the application of toxic herbicides.
Who Supports Labeling Genetically Engineered Foods?
More than 171,000 Coloradans signed petitions to get this on the ballot. This is a non-partisan issue. Already 64 other countries, including all European Union member states, Japan, Australia and other key U.S. trading partners have laws mandating the disclosure of genetically engineered food on food labels. This includes 16 of the top 25 countries that import food from Colorado companies.
More than 100 scientific and public health institutions around the world support GMO labeling to track potential allergic responses due to genetically engineered foods, including the American Public Health Association, American College of Physicians, American Nurses Association, the British Medical Association and the American College for Advancement in Medicine.
To date, GMO labeling laws in the U.S. have passed by wide legislative majorities in Connecticut, Maine and Vermont.
Please visit our website –RightToKnowColorado.org – for citations, resources and more information.

Who Opposes Labeling Genetically Engineered Foods?
In the past two years, the world’s largest chemical and biotech seed companies and America’s giant food manufacturers have spent nearly $70 million to defeat GMO labeling initiatives in California and Washington State. In the past 6 months, DuPont, Dow Chemical, Monsanto and food manufacturers Pepsi, Coca-Cola and General Mills have spent more than $27 million to block GMO labeling at the federal level, which is roughly 3 times their spending in all of 2013.
Aren’t GMOs needed to feed the world?
Proposition 105 has no impact on world hunger. It is not a ban on GMOs. It is just a label. It merely seeks to inform consumers about the foods they are purchasing and consuming.
Are Genetically Engineered Foods Safe?
GMOs have not been proven safe, and no long-term human health studies have been conducted. Unlike the strict safety evaluations required for the approval of new drugs, the US Food and Drug Administration does not require safety studies for genetically engineered foods. The United Nations/World Health Organization food standards group and the American Medical Association have called for mandatory safety testing of genetically engineered foods — a standard the U.S. currently fails to meet.
I’ve heard that GMO seeds are basically the same as non-GMO seeds. Is that true?
The US Patent Office issues Biotech companies patents on genetically modified seeds to protect the unique attributes because they are significantly altered from nature. This contradicts claims that GMO and non-GMO seeds are fundamentally the same.
Aren’t there current laws on labeling GMOs?
Currently there are no Colorado or Federal laws requiring the labeling of GMOs. The FDA allows for volunteer labeling, but there are NO requirements.
Why Proposition 105? Why do my family and I need it?
Under Proposition 105, labeling genetically engineered foods would provide basic information to let Coloradans make more informed buying decisions, offering more choice and control over the transparency of their food purchasing decisions.
Without proper labeling and transparency it is difficult for doctors and pediatricians to determine where food allergies and sensitivities arise.
Because families and individuals are dealing with an increasing level of food allergies and sensitivities, we demand more information about the genetic makeup and source of our food.
Does this result in a ban on GMOs?
NO. This initiative only requires the addition of “Produced with Genetic Engineering” on the label or container of GM foods. It is not a ban. And it does not require segregation of crops.
Will Proposition 105 cost taxpayers a lot to enforce?
Proposition 105 will not require any additional revenue to cover implementation, which is simple and easy to comply with. It will be enforced under current Colorado regulatory structures. The state of Colorado has determined that a maximum of two staff are needed for compliance; total cost is estimated at $113K-$130K/yr paid from the state General Fund, or 2 cents per Coloradan per year.
Won’t it make grocery costs go up?
Any estimation is a speculation and there could be no rise in costs at all. However, a study by Cornell University professors estimates a maximum rise of $1.42 per person per month.
Why are there exemptions? Why isn’t everything covered in Proposition 105?
This is a reasonable and balanced first step. Colorado state law allows one subject to be addressed per ballot initiative. For instance, alcohol and foods served at a restaurant are regulated under different statutes and would be considered a different subject. What is covered is most packaged, processed and raw foods sold in grocery stores.
Please visit our website :RightToKnowColorado.org – for citations, resources and more information.

On 68 Gambling for education dollars, Casinos are not always the best way to get money for schools. Keeping our manufacturing and allowing for American job stability is the best answer and not always building Casinos. Also, war deficits and quantitative easing borrowing for global pet projects devalues the American dollar making all voters and our country vulnerable. It would be great if they really showed voters the true amount of funds that would stay in Colorado to help the schools.

November 4, 2014 Election: Vote or Start a New American Revolution

Denver Capitol legislature

There is no excuse for not voting. The list of serious issues infringing on our liberties are endless. The abuse towards our children with common core education (turning us back to a feudal system such as when commoners to the British Empire answering to elite royal lords and with the statistics of declining health with one of every 42 males being born today coming down with Autism is a crime. Agenda 21 and the inflation decaying our financial system and the abuse in risking Ebola in spreading by breaching a level 4 infectious disease to arrive at our shores and hospitals is a disgrace. The real solution may rest in just asking all top politicians to RESIGN due to corruption and incompetence; to include in placing all of our citizens at risk in all aspect of our daily lives. The best option may be to just start over.

There is no time for doubts or second guessing if we are willing to tolerate new corrupt politicians. Our country is dying and deteriorating very rapidly. Globalization has proved to be a falsehood and a disaster yet “interdependence” being taught in our schools such as the entangling of our health sovereignty and safety to foreign bodies, bureaucracies and centralizations for consolidation of all money and power in the hands of the few is not the way to go. If you do not vote then opt for a new American Revolution since sitting around just waiting for a more disatrous calamity to arrive such as Ebola at your community is not the better option.

The party closely associated with true liberty is the Republican party. We do have some prior and wishing to emerge corrupt hopefuls; however most running have honest intentions. We have to save our Constitutional Republic and take back our nation. The time will come in which we all decide that elections are being pre-decided for us and then voters must decide if the best option is that of a new revolution since all our lives are at stake. It is not easy and even uncertain; however as a people and humans we have the right to protect ourselves from forced bodily harm, forced inimical education and the theft of land, food and water. Grow up, vote or revolt.

Stop the crime.net : Stop Government Corruption

As Americans work 3 or four jobs to make ends meet; our “government” keeps coming up with new ways to distract us from the real issues while growing the number of inimical and even genocidal laws towards us that are taking away our rights and liberties. What is even more disturbing is the apathy displayed by the majority of the public and the treasonous irresponsible behavior of those in key leadership positions that are passing the buck and pretending not to be aware of how they are collaborating in the incremental destruction of our United States.

We are barely surviving since we are literally drowning in a sea of government corruption. Debbie Tavares created the site www. stop the crime.net to post many findings that show how the entire under pinnings that gave birth to America were changed without informing “We the People” the American public nor the world. America has lost its innocence and long gone are the days in which we could feel safe, proud and secure in trusting our changed corporate structure form of government, banking economic system and political elected leaders. What we have left are few in numbers of truly responsible, patriotic and conscientious individuals to include some ethical organizations coming forward exposing the severity of the problems we are facing and what the end game could mean for all of us.

In order to explain and better understand these inimical despotic changes many had to do a lot of research to try and find some explanations; especially when many business owners that own rental property in California and other key states had to face the health changes experienced by tenants from Smart Meters, the possible lawsuits since devices placed without their knowledge or the full implication of the technologies and concern over the potential loss of their properties to include their own if Agenda 21, unsustainable to all people “sustainable development” gets implemented in the future causing major losses to years of hard work, education and investment. Are we a nation of rule of law or a nation where the King or Royal elites are law; as they continue to incrementally do as they please no matter how insane or crazy their plans (Trans-humanism, hyper surveillance society, Smart Meters Frequency, Geo-engineering of weather to own and control via genetic modified food/seed, Full spectrum dominance of everyone and everything etc) creating or “changing” the world (Obamas campaign slogan) in their private special interests Worldview even if it hurts others, causes death or takes away the rights of others to be secure in their persons and property.

The media and mainstream business entities have been consolidated to better control all plans, quell different views which in the past made the world progress due to imagination or innovation and today march the world into their private planned agendas. This is definitely not in the best interest of the population at large and in the past these despotic forms of leadership led to genocide of mass populations and just like today possible by those passing the buck and pretending not to know as long as they get rewarded monetarily, exposing people around the world to catastrophe and possible pestilences of biblical proportions. Have you had enough? Then do something about this each and every day. Speak out for all of our lives to include the wellness of the entire planet is at stake and in great jeopardy. Wake up and claim the resignation of all participants in the charades and corruptions. Fire them before they extinguish humanity and what it means to be a human.

Did our forefathers or parents brought us forward to be others slaves or esoteric pet project? No. Lets grow up and take America back.

Why so many changes since Obama? “Conspiracy”-the incredible & ridiculous notion that some people might target others without advertising the fact & providing ample warnings. LOL

Information Via E-mail by Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Sheriff Joe

Our country is under attack.

And Barack Obama is the aggressor. That’s right. Our own President has overseen the release of thousands of illegal immigrants…hundreds of whom are convicted criminals – even felons, which are flooding into America.

Every day you read the newspaper or turn on the news, there is something tragic happening, something Obama says is beyond our control.

But I must tell you: the state of the U.S. – Mexican border IS NOT BEYOND OUR CONTROL. In fact, it’s one of the key places where the safety of our nation starts. AND I am working around the clock to take criminals off the streets. Will you support my reelection campaign with a $15 or more donation right now?

Every action Obama has taken since the border crisis began has led to an increase in the flood of men, women, children, AND CRIMINALS! The icing on the cake…Obama’s solution is holding events at the White House “honoring young adults who came to this country illegally.”

HE IS REWARDING CRIMINALS! We are arresting them just to have the Obama administration release them the next day!

Over the past seven months, I have compiled the statistics of over 3,000 inmates in my jail for various crimes that are here illegally. Over 36% of these illegals come back many times after they are turned over to the federal government for deportation.

But if they’re coming back at such an alarming rate, either our border is so porous or the federal government is releasing them out the back door. Either way is unacceptable! I have written every month to the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security about this and just last week I sent a letter to the Inspector General’s office asking for an investigation. You know what I got back? Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

Even the mainstream media is completely ignoring this problem.

If we lose control over our own borders and the rule of law no longer matters in the courts, then I fear our great American experiment will draw to a close. In Arizona alone, more than 1,000 illegal immigrants are being dropped off at bus stations in Phoenix and Tucson alone. We now have U.S. Border Patrol agents moving illegal immigrants from one city to another in our United States.

It’s a bad situation, but I refuse to sit back and watch it get worse. That is why I urgently need your most generous support. We must stand together in unison against Obama’s pro-amnesty regime.

Potential donor, **Obama golfs on vacation while the borders flood** just like **Nero fiddled while Rome burned.**

Enough is enough. I need to know you support my fight to hold Obama accountable for this dangerous security breach.

We need to get to the bottom of this, and I will not rest until we do. If you stand with me, I need to know. This fight won’t be easy. The Obama Administration knows the severity of this situation and is going to throw up every smokescreen possible to distract from this.

I need your immediate financial support so I have the resources necessary to fight tooth and nail against Obama’s operation flood.

Will you follow this link to show your support and strength for the fight we have ahead by making an important contribution to this fight of $150, $100, $75 or even $35?

In the meantime, please rest assured that I am doing everything I can to enforce the laws and do the job I was elected to do!

Thank you for your support and joining me in this crucial fight!

Sheriff Joe

P.S. **Please forward this email to at least five of your friends or family members and ask them to support my efforts.**

The Deliberate Destruction of America: Elected officials Should be Asked to Resign

ET Hollywood tunnel more secure and ET had no Ebola but a creature from out of Space

ET Hollywood tunnel more secure and ET had no Ebola but a creature from out of Space Fiction

The local Denver Mayor is asking that a group of South American immigrants be allowed to relocate to Colorado. On the local news on the radio this morning Wednesday August 6, 2014 announcer stated they seek to get a grant to make their relocation possible. I called at about 11:00 the Governors office expressing my concerns over several heavy duty issues and then was transferred to the Denver Mayor Michael Hancock since told his political section was the originator in the seeking to bring South America young immigrants to Colorado and Denver in particular. I expressed my concern about several issues and coldly told to send a “letter” as many of these governmental offices do often basically passing the buck getting concerns caught on bureaucracy paper work while we the citizens suffer an assault to our daily lives, our economy, jobs and a growing dismal future. Our local officials need to answer our concerns and if pretending not to know or ignoring these pressing facts then should be asked to resign by failing to do their duty as Public Servants that took an Oath to protect and represent us We The People, Our Constitution and voters of Colorado. Please call their office to ask them to serve the public and not those for hidden agendas or special interests groups pro global plan that threatens our Republic, our health and liberties as citizens. Issues that I brought forward to both the Governor’s office and Mayor Michael Hancock that affects us seriously are the following: * A political, health and crisis immigration due to criminal serious issues should be contained not spread. * The entities that originated that severe social problem issue should be the ones primarily responsible and solved at local level. The United States is already overwhelmed with costs of never ending wars, soldiers recovery and reintegration to local society along with their families to include African American and Mexican children already in this country with severe needs. Local townships and local small business the creators of true jobs in the economy cannot sustain further burdens unless of course these changes are being done deliberately so our society fails under the yoke and for a future collapse for many obvious clues of a top tier wish for a future “Global government” that will be made possible when our States and our country fail under the burden of severe debt and possible threats of new transportable diseases. This is a dereliction of duty for our public officials took an Oath to protect us foremost and how can we help others when we cannot help our selves? * Information surfaced that this huge flow of new immigration was pre-planned perhaps to even over burden our already failing economy and children bussed by department of Homeland Security. Since when are they in the busing business? Their job is to protect the “Homeland” not spread problems originated by other irresponsible foreign entities or special interests. “Documentation regarding the Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC) Project, compiled by the University of Texas at El Paso, can be read here. And, yes, Phoenix is mentioned. Along with the Rio Grande Valley. Texas, we are noted on page 15 as having “the most shelter beds based on DHS request.” (Libertynews, 2014). It is normal protocol that a bio-hazard safety level 4 such as Ebola and even swine flu not be transported but contained at source- More here “*MULTIPLE VIOLATIONS OF BIOSECURITY LEVEL 4 PROCEDURES OCCURED DURING THE TRANSIT AND HOSPITALIZATION OF BRANTLY”, More click here ABSA.org, 2008. A similar case occurred when Baxter had sent by mistake an active swine flu mislabeled to a lab out of the country. More here. Its the job of Public Servants to protect and serve the interests of voters in the US not global interests wishing to destroy America; the last bastion of Liberty in the world. All these violations towards the public’s health, economy and environmental exposure due to geo-engineering pollution and new diseases assault is grounds for them to step down from public office and for the people to restore Rule of Law with checks and balances between the branches of government. It seems that a deliberate Perfect storm is being created to destroy our Constitutional Republic and our liberties along with the ability to be secured in our persons and private property. The transporting and busing all across our states of compromised high risk groups along with Ebola transporting biohazard lever 4 breach of security protocols is abuse towards the safety of the American public and our daily ability to earn a living safely. Agenda 21 is real and a take over of private property to further destroy our country. More here at “Democrats against Agenda 21“. * Our safety, security and health are being placed at what seems deliberate risk and we the citizens’ have a right to protect ourselves from harm. The people must break up the media monopoly for its a threat to the survival of our public safety. The merging between corporate and government interests has become bolder and more blunt since its a known fact that all our media information dissemination are controlled and favoring those that benefit from calamity and public social breakdown. Problem/reaction/solution no matter how distorted or bizarre stories are delivered to all media outlets is oblivious to public servants who shield under so many public lies and dis-information that serves only special interests and big power players a threat to all democracy and that looks to loot the public from their private property, land, food and water to include our ability to work and earn a living with new created calamities. The list goes on and on along with a new vaccine push to so call kill Ebola but which attenuated vaccine Ebola basically spreads more of the Ebola dead or alive virus that could even mutate for is best not to fool around with mother nature and reason why Bio-safety level 4 Procedures should have been followed and not breached by transportation. Ignorance is not bliss and the people should demand the resignation of those that violate our safety protocols and abuse their role while in Public office. * Most Americans are working already 2 or 3 jobs and do not need any more drama or new 9-11 style chaos scenario. Those in government today are so shielded in the insanities delivered for public consumption and social engineering that do not realize how crazy, ridiculous and absurd they look to the public. I had lots to do like everyone; however had to take this time to bring awareness for the ABUSE to the public is getting out of control. The American people must prepare to ask many public officials to step down from their positions and even prosecute for crimes to include the covert toppling of our representative form of government and deliberate risk to bodily harm with intent to cause illness. Key Local officials: Colorado Governor Hickenlooper- 303- 866-2471 Denver Mayor Michael Hancock- 720-865-9000 Above ET image by Dutchsinse.Tattoo1009.com,(2014) ET Movie Poster) Video (Dutchsince, 2014)

The Misleading El Paso County Strategy Forum

This election season there have been several misleading to the voters tactics such as that with e-mails being sent by a so called “El Paso County Strategy Forum” and some mailers with spin misleading ads which were distorting facts such as those sorry to say sent by David Williams campaign concerning Gordon Klingenschmitt.

It is totally irresponsible of those employing these tactics and in spite of attempting to skew election results with misleading information; it will backfire for voters are smart at detecting these tactics.
Clarifications Follow below:

GOP El Paso County

Fellow Republicans,

Some of you have received emails from a group calling itself the “El Paso County Republican Strategy Forum.” These emails denigrate one candidate in a Republican primary.

I want you to know that the El Paso County Strategy Forum, whoever they actually are, does not represent or speak for the El Paso County Republican Party. They are not affiliated with your party in any capacity.

They are a shadow group using questionable methods to endorse particular candidates, and they are using “El Paso County Republican” in their name to create a false sense of legitimacy and respectability. We are taking steps to stop this group from abusing your party’s name.

The El Paso County Republican Party is neutral and does not endorse candidates in primary elections.

Thanks to those of you who have inquired into this matter. We are here to win the general election and deliver the vote for Republican candidates.


Jeff Hays
El Paso County Republican Party

El Paso County Republicans · 205 Sutton Ln, Colorado Springs, CO 80907, United States
This email was sent to coloradovoting@gmail.com. To stop receiving emails, click here

Vote your conscience and by careful study of all candidates

My personal favorites are safe to say since close to end today May 21 so voters had plenty of time to study issues or vote:

About Dave: In my district yet man of very few words in spite of seeing him at several events. I know he is supposed to be the so called “non-establishment favorite; I in my opinion do not see it that way. He never even addressed me appropriately nor had much to say, so I voted for Gordon Klingenschimitt who speaks his mind often and not afraid to address audiences of all kinds to include males or females leaders or voters. He was always respectful when addressing other groups and even visiting voters or leaders door to door with his campaign staff.

About Governor race: I voted for Scott Gesseler for he has the charisma and good presence to address all voters. Tancredo to me seems to come out of the cave when elections are occurring but not really out there through out the year in the public eye speaking to ALL voters about what is affecting us.
About Beauprez who has done great things in business etc, but not happy that throughout the years and other years there is very little in his active participation around voters. Also, many other candidates for governor not very active around public or voters out there but yes at election season.

About Lamborn: Great congressman but never short cut soldiers at expense of lobby or other global interests groups who secured their funds first in the budget then our own military placed on the budget cutting block. I rather have good living now for our soldiers than a cemetery where they will be buried and no longer living to enjoy their hard work post military life. I voted for Bently

I know that there are fake people following this blog. Please grow up for not all voters are stupid. If homeland or security agencies do not worry for we still have a Constitutional Republic in spite of all the efforts since Lincoln to destroy America.

And yes none of our candidates are perfect for our country needs better leadership and civic taught in schools. Our nation is still in serious trouble.

Primary Election Day: Tuesday June 24, 2014

    Primary Election Day is Tuesday June 24, 2014

Many candidates have worked long hours and sacrificed time with family and work to try and serve in public office. Lets Keep them in our prayers and Vote in the 2014 Primary Election. Those that do not participate in politics will be ruled by the ones that do and not all may have the best in interest for your County, State or Country. Vote and participate in your local events and politics to learn more about how education, the economy, jobs and other issues may affect you and your family. Vote Republican for its the party that aligns with Liberty and self-responsibility. Rights come to us at birth and not given by the State or central government. Yes, we have challenges on both sides; however we are doing great progress. Pray each and everyday and participate actively so they know we are keeping up with their roles in serving our State and community. Best wishes and appreciation to all candidates. Thanks for your dedication and sacrifice in trying to serve the citizens and voters in Colorado.
Primary Election Day Tuesday June 24, 2014

Clint Richardson: Common Core Education and Smart Growth

Common Core Education was endorsed by Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton so we need better candidates not selling our Republic to global Power grabbers. Public officials nor private associations have the right to sell out or take away via back door Common Core program their Property Rights.
To learn more and take action steps click here, American Policy Center by Tom Deweese

Some key points to observe:

Work force education

Unesco Common Core Education
Unesco Origins by MDJarv Other Research: (Tragedy and hope.ning.com, 2014)

Aldous Huxley Brave New World

Aldous Huxley Br

Core Products from Common Core

Public Private Partnerships

May 2014: How Congress is Voting

Summary provided by military.com
5th Congressional District: How Congress is Voting
May 12, 2014
In this MegaVote for Colorado’s 5th Congressional District:

Recent Congressional Votes
• Senate: Energy-Efficient Building Codes –Cloture
• House: Benghazi Select Committee–Passage
• House: Research Tax Credit –Passage
• House: Charter School Program Expansion–Passage

Upcoming Congressional Bills
•Senate: Energy-Efficient Building Codes

Editor’s Note: The House is in recess this week and will return on Monday, May 19.

Recent Senate Votes
Energy-Efficient Building Codes –Cloture – Vote Agreed to (79-20, 1 Not Voting)

The Senate invoked cloture on the motion to proceed to a bill that would promote updates to state building codes to encourage energy savings and provide incentives for energy-efficient manufacturing.

Sen. Mark Udall voted YES
Sen. Michael Bennet voted YES


Recent House Votes
Benghazi Select Committee–Passage – Vote Passed (232-186, 14 Not Voting)

The House approved a resolution establishing a 12-member panel to examine both the events that led to the Sept. 11, 2012 attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, as well as the Obama administration’s response to it and to subsequent congressional inquiries.

Doug Lamborn
Voted Yes

Research Tax Credit –Passage – Vote Passed (274-131, 26 Not Voting)

The House passed legislation that would permit companies that incur research and development expenses in the United States to deduct up to 20 percent of the amount in which their qualified research expenses exceed a calculated base amount for the current taxable year. It would also permanently extend and expand a tax break for university and corporate research expenses that expired in December 2013. Sixty-two Democrats joined all but one Republican to support the bill.

Rep. Doug Lamborn voted YES

Charter School Program Expansion–Passage – Vote Passed (360-45, 27 Not Voting)

The House passed a bill to require the Education secretary to consolidate the federal Charter Schools Program, which gives grants to states to open charter schools, and the Charter School Credit Enhancement Program, which assists schools in acquiring better credit terms for facilities, into one program, and direct a certain percentage of funds into national charter school management activities.

Rep. Doug Lamborn voted YES


Upcoming Votes
Energy-Efficient Building Codes – S.2262

The Senate is scheduled to continue work on this building code bill.

April 7, 2014
In this MegaVote for Colorado’s 5th Congressional District:

Recent Congressional Votes
• Senate: Unemployment Benefits – Cloture
• House: Ukraine Aid – Passage
• House: Employee Hours Rules – Passage

Upcoming Congressional Bills
•Senate: Unemployment Benefits
•House: Budget resolution


Recent Senate Votes
Unemployment Benefits – Cloture – Vote Agreed to (61-35, 4 Not Voting)

Senators voted to invoke cloture on an amended bill that would extended eligibility for long-term unemployment benefits through May 31, 2014.

Sen. Mark Udall voted YES
Sen. Michael Bennet voted YES


Recent House Votes
Ukraine Aid – Passage – Vote Passed (378-34, 19 Not Voting)

On Tuesday, the House agreed to concur with a Senate amendment and pass a package of $150 million in aid and loan guarantees to the Ukrainian government. The vote required a two-thirds majority under the suspension of House rules. President Obama signed the bill into law on April 3.

Rep. Doug Lamborn voted YES

Employee Hours Rules – Passage – Vote Passed (248-179, 4 Not Voting)

House members voted on Thursday to change the number of hours employees must work to qualify for mandatory employer coverage under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. The law would define full-time employees as those working 40 hours a week, ten more hours than as defined under current law.

Rep. Doug Lamborn voted YES


Upcoming Votes
Unemployment Benefits – H.R.3979

Senators will consider passage of an extension of long-term unemployment benefits tonight.

Budget resolution – H.CON.RES.96

The House is scheduled to consider the Budget Committee’s Fiscal Year 2015 budget resolution this week.

March 31, 2014
In this MegaVote for Colorado’s 5th Congressional District:

Recent Congressional Votes
• Senate: Ukraine Aid – Substitute Amendment
• Senate: Unemployment Benefits – Cloture
• House: National Monument Designations – Passage
• House: Ukraine Aid—Passage

Upcoming Congressional Bills
•Senate: Medicare “Doc Fix”
•Senate: Unemployment Benefits
•House: Ukraine Aid
•House: Health Care Reform


Recent Senate Votes
Ukraine Aid – Substitute Amendment – Vote Agreed to (98-2)

The Senate agreed upon a substitute amendment offered by Sen. Robert Menendez, D-N.J. to a Ukrainian aid package on Thursday. As amended, the bill would offer $150 million in aid to the Ukrainian government and offer loan guarantees from unobligated funds in the State Department budget. It would expand visa restrictions, freeze the assets of Russian officials and require the Defense Department to review Russian military capabilities annually through 2020. As amended, the bill passed by voice vote later that day.

Sen. Mark Udall voted YES
Sen. Michael Bennet voted YES

Unemployment Benefits – Cloture – Vote Agreed to (65-34, 1 Not Voting)

The Senate invoked cloture on a bill that would exempt volunteer service hours by firefighters and other first responders from the 30-hour-a-week threshold under the 2010 health care reform laws that established a full-time employer mandate for health coverage. The bill is intended to serve as a legislative vehicle to extend expired long-term unemployment benefits.

Sen. Mark Udall voted YES
Sen. Michael Bennet voted YES


Recent House Votes
National Monument Designations – Passage – Vote Passed (222-201, 8 Not Voting)

The House narrowly approved a bill on Wednesday to limit the power of the president to designate national monuments under the 1906 Antiquities Act. The bill would limit presidential authority to one designation per state over a four-year term. It also would require an environmental impact statement for designations over 5,000 acres and a cost estimate study for the proposed monument. Sites less than 5,000 acres would expire after three years without a full environmental review, but could be made permanent if the environmental review process was used.

Rep. Doug Lamborn voted YES

Ukraine Aid—Passage – Vote Passed (399-19, 13 Not Voting)

On Thursday, the House approved a $120 million aid package to Ukraine and expanded sanctions against Russian government officials in the wake of that country’s annexation of Crimea. The bill easily cleared the two-thirds majority required for passage under a suspension of House rules.

Rep. Doug Lamborn voted YES


Upcoming Votes
Medicare “Doc Fix” – HR4302

On Monday the Senate is expected to vote on the Medicare physician payment fix.

Unemployment Benefits – HR3979

The Senate is also expected to vote on the extension of unemployment insurance this week.

Ukraine Aid – HR4152

The House is scheduled to vote on the Senate’s substitute amendment on Ukrainian aid on Tuesday.

Health Care Reform – HR2575

On Wednesday, members will vote on a bill to replace the 30-hour-a-week threshold for full-time employment under the 2010 health care reform laws with a 40-hour threshold.

TTP TransTrade Partnership Benefits One Worlders Centralizers Not America

Film feedback and expose:
Jessica Desvarieux is a multimedia journalist who serves as the Capitol Hill correspondent for the Real News Network. Most recently, Jessica worked as a producer for the ABC Sunday morning program, This Week with Christianne Amanpour. Before moving to Washington DC, Jessica served as the Haiti corespondent for TIME Magazine and TIME.com Published on Apr 26, 2014
President Obama returns from East Asia empty handed after Japan rejects bilateral agreement, but if the TPP moves forward will it be in the interest of most Americans?????
America does not have Free Trade but Managed Trade by the WTO (World Trade Organization) which is no different than the same interests serving the revolving door at the EPA, FDA, et al.

Stop Pro-globalism agreement: TransPacificPartnership

Gadsden Flag

Coalition For a Prosperous America

by Coalition for a Prosperous America

Our note: America is loosing jobs by the millions and most replaced by low wage 20 hour a week schedules. This trend is not good and we need to be better and wiser at trade with no entanglements or the loss to our sovereignty. Sign Petition here after reading below: Stop TPP

Sign their petition to stop TPP TransPacificPartnership sent via e-mail

Letter Asking GOP Congressmen to Deny
Fast Track Authority to Obama

The Obama Administration is negotiating, in secret, a dangerous global governance agreement called the TransPacificPartnership (hereinafter referred to as TPP). Sold under the guise of “free trade”, the TPP is an assault on our constitution. It will transfer large swaths of Congress’ and state power to international tribunals, all the while “harmonizing” U.S. law with international rules.

This pro-globalism agreement has been negotiated in private, and Congress has been denied access to the negotiations and has extremely limited access to the documents.

Obama wants to use “Fast Track” trade authority to push agreements that undermine our sovereignty. Using Fast Track, Obama can sign trade agreements before Congress has an opportunity to vote on them. Fast Track severely limits the ability of your representatives in Congress to craft a trade agreement that protects our sovereignty.

The letter below – asking GOP congressmen to deny Fast Track authority to Obama – will be signed by organizations and sent to their Congressmen and Senators. If you have authority to sign for your organization, please fill out the form below. This signatory letter is not for individuals or businesses.

The Coalition for a Prosperous America will send, on your behalf, letters to all Congressmen and Senators for which we have at least one signatory organization in the district or state and include all signatures in each letter. Then we will follow up, in collaboration with signatory organizations, with the member offices via telephone calls or in person meetings.

Dear Congressman ____________:

We write to demand that you oppose the Obama administration’s TransPacific Partnership global governance agreement (hereinafter referred to as TPP) and Fast Track authority. These initiatives are threats to our constitutional republic and our economy.

The TPP will be transfer large swaths of our sovereignty to international institutions and tribunals. The majority of its text is about global governance rather than trade. Unelected bureaucrats are negotiating away federal authority in areas including financial regulation, copyrights, patents, immigration, energy, food safety, energy policy, labor and government procurement. The TPP can overrule past acts of Congress, install rules that Congress has previously rejected. And the agreement is permanent.

Adjudication of alleged violations will be performed by international tribunals consisting of foreign trade lawyers who will displace the U.S. court system. This pro-globalism agreement has been negotiated in secret. Congress has little or no access to the negotiations and the draft text.

The TPP also infringes upon states’ rights. State and local governments have the constitutional authority to enact rules governing many areas covered by the TPP. But they will no longer have the freedom to do so in the many regulatory areas covered by that agreement. Foreign companies will have the right to sue state and local governments, in those international tribunals, for any rule changes that harm those foreign companies’ profit expectations.

Obama wants to use “Fast Track” trade authority to push this anti-sovereignty agreement. We ask that you oppose Fast Track as well. Using Fast Track, Congress largely surrenders to the President its Article I, Section 8 authority to regulate foreign commerce. President Obama can negotiate and sign this trade and global governance agreement without Congressional oversight, write the implementing legislation, and push it through Congress with limited time, limited debate, and no amendments. This surrender of Congress’ constitutional authority is unique, dangerous and wrong.

We look to you to protect our constitutional republic, our sovereignty, and our economy from the clear and present danger of the TransPacific Partnerhip. We ask that you oppose it as well as Fast Track trade authority.


[Signatory Organizations]
Thank you for signing the letter asking your members of Congress to oppose the TransPacific Partnership globalism agreement and Fast Track trade authority. We will deliver the letters to Congress at the earliest opportunity.

Linear US Decline and Lack of Citizen Participation in US Politics

Linear US Decline and Lack of Citizen Participation in US Politics

Most people will tend to blame others for the continual United States decline; however, it’s the citizens ultimately responsibility to take active participation in order for the politicians to not take advantage of their absence. Silence and non-participation from voters and locals implies to them informed consent or apathy. The public is not paying attention to the many inimical often predatory projects that are being pushed forward from the very top down that threaten to destroy each day humanity’s ability to survive or prosper.

We have witnessed an almost total take over of our basic rights, water, energy and economy with many inimical strings attached to all mentioned to include the altering of our natural food supply. Instead of pointing fingers or complaining when jobs are dwindling and food prices are skyrocketing we need to take a hard look at ourselves and decide to change this disturbing pattern. There is a lot at stake to include loosing our Constitutional Republic form of government which we may learn the hard way what is like not to have it anymore. Most media outlets in the United States and globally have been acquired by the same entities that are allowing the linear decline to occur worldwide while enjoying an Oligarchy take over of all assets. It is ultimately the citizens’ responsibility to stay informed and actively participate each day even if for a few minutes. Soon enough even our hardcopy textbooks will disappear and scheduled to be taken off the shelves making it more difficult for the public to get more educated and learn self-responsibility. Online learning if it achieves a close 100% level may in the long-term benefit those at the top if government takes over the Internet (unique ID and other attempts have been made) and filter what may be available to be read online. Common core education placed from top down decision makers has already occurred without the publics’ consent or direct input. An educated public has a better chance at thinking independently and surviving in all areas of life since history has demonstrated this to be the case. When government took over most areas of people’s lives it tended to abuse it and millions perished at their yoke. Liberty and independence of action and thoughts allowed the United States to become one of the most prosperous countries in the world. How could they ask for us to accept the new world of old, top down feudalism and Serfdom? Those at the very top social engineering negatively our society count on the people to remain ignorant and lack ways or outlets in self-knowledge besides the ones prepared for you by the system. It is very empowering when we have prosperous communities and townships so is best to work at gaining more independence, education to change the US linear decline and to actively participate in assisting you and your neighborhoods ability to grow in a positive direction.

Sure it takes a little bit of work and often tolerating obstacles on our path; however in the long term it will be easier for all of us to live in a better society and country.
Please start today to take an active part in your local politics. Yes, you can make a difference.

Congress Voting for April 2014: 5th Congressional District Report

Summary provided by Military.com

How In this MegaVote for Colorado’s 5th Congressional District:

Recent Congressional Votes
Senate: Unemployment Benefits – Cloture
House: Ukraine Aid – Passage
House: Employee Hours Rules – Passage
Upcoming Congressional Bills
Senate: Unemployment Benefits
House: Budget resolution
Recent Senate Votes
Unemployment Benefits – Cloture – Vote Agreed to (61-35, 4 Not Voting)

Senators voted to invoke cloture on an amended bill that would extended eligibility for long-term unemployment benefits through May 31, 2014.

Sen. Mark Udall voted YES
Sen. Michael Bennet voted YES

Recent House Votes
Ukraine Aid – Passage – Vote Passed (378-34, 19 Not Voting)

On Tuesday, the House agreed to concur with a Senate amendment and pass a package of $150 million in aid and loan guarantees to the Ukrainian government. The vote required a two-thirds majority under the suspension of House rules. President Obama signed the bill into law on April 3.

Rep. Doug Lamborn voted YES

Employee Hours Rules – Passage – Vote Passed (248-179, 4 Not Voting)

House members voted on Thursday to change the number of hours employees must work to qualify for mandatory employer coverage under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. The law would define full-time employees as those working 40 hours a week, ten more hours than as defined under current law.

Rep. Doug Lamborn voted YES
Upcoming Votes
Unemployment Benefits – H.R.3979

Senators will consider passage of an extension of long-term unemployment benefits tonight.

Budget resolution – H.CON.RES.96

The House is scheduled to consider the Budget Committee’s Fiscal Year 2015 budget resolution this week.
voted for April 2014

Bentley Rayburn for 5th Congressional Seat Against Incumbent Lamborn

Bentley Rayburn for Congress 5th Congressional District

Bentley Rayburn for Congress 5th Congressional District

Rayburn for Congress:
Information sent for voters Review:
What I Believe

I believe in the power of Free Markets, Liberty and Personal Responsibility

The government is way too large and is way too involved in the lives of the American People
We spend way too much and we should never spend more than we bring in
To that end we need a balanced budget amendment and must give the President line item veto authority
Government wastes too much of the people’s money
Obamacare must be repealed and replaced with a free market solution

I believe we must grade every legislative action against the Constitution

Only bills that are in agreement with the Constitution are worthy of consideration
The 2nd Amendment right to bear arms is central to our individual freedom
“What part of ‘…shall not be infringed’ don’t you understand?”

I believe that conservative values are the most valuable expression of a happy and healthy life

I’m completely Pro-Life and Pro-Traditional Family
The only valid definition of marriage is the union between one man and one woman
I strongly support the overturn of Roe v. Wade-abortion is a scourge on our national conscience

I believe in the necessity for a strong national defense

A strong national defense does not require spying on American citizens
As a nation we must keep our promises to our veterans–we must not cut their promised pension funds
Radical Islamic jihadists remain a threat to our national security
We should never go to war unless we have a clear national interest and we have the will to win

I believe in the value of education

Educational decisions belong at the local level
Common Core at the National or State level is really bad and must be fought at every turn
I not only support school choice and the expansion of the Charter School movement in Colorado, but am actively involved in establishing great charter schools
We must fix our public schools
Homeschooling is an excellent way to educate kids and we must protect and improve opportunities for families who want to home school

I believe we must fight to protect our borders and put a stop to illegal immigration

We can and we must secure our borders-it is a national security issue
No amnesty for those who break our laws and disrespect our country

For Liberty and Freedom,

Bentley Rayburn

Common Core, Agenda 21 and Global Privatization: Research Part 2

Common Core Governors Council Private Corporation Mandate for US Schools: Research Part 2

Common Core in Schools: Program Research Part 1

Please relay to your own list of contacts.

by Second Amendment Committee


Posted by Donna Garner on March 25, 2014 at 8:04am
“The Chart To Prove It: Federal Takeover of America’s Schools”
by Donna Garner
On June 25, 2006, Warren Buffett (the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway and then the richest man in the world) began giving away his billions to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation: http://money.cnn.com/2006/06/25/magazines/fortune/charity1.fortune/
On July 8, 2013, Warren Buffett gave another $2 Billion to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation: http://dealbook.nytimes.com/2013/07/08/buffett-gives-2-billion-to-g…
These huge gifts from Buffett combined with the vast wealth and the ideology of the Gates’ Foundation together with the social justice agenda of the Obama administration have led to the federal takeover of our nation’s schools (public, charter, private, homeschools) through the Common Core Standards Initiative.
Because of the future alignment of the 2016 SAT led by David Coleman, the lead writer of the Common Core Standards for English, even the non-public schools are falling in line with the CCSI.
Now we have the chart to prove it — “How Bill Gates Bought the Common Core” —
Please be sure to use the zoom button to enlarge each part of the chart.
Experts who know say that because of quirks on the Gates Foundation database, the amounts on the chart should be even higher. In his 3.15.14 article entitled “Why Bill Gates Defends the Common Core,” Jack Hassard calculates the total as being closer to $2.3 Billion — http://www.artofteachingscience.org/why-bill-gates-defends-the-comm…
ACTION STEP: It is not too late yet; but the public must continue to rise up, opt their children out of the Common Core assessments, refuse to allow their children’s personal and identifiable information to be captured by the federal government, and do everything they possibly can to offset and undercut the Common Core indoctrination of our nation’s children.
Donna Garner

Resolutions Proposed at Precinct 405, El Paso County

Precinct 405 Caucus area at Sand Creek High School Message by Al Coxe:
Precinct Leaders

I stopped by Sand Creek HS today to check out the rooms. They have given us 8 rooms, 201-208 and 227 (upper west wing of the building). I’ll make up some signs to direct people to the correct area. The rooms will be first come first serve for each precinct.

Al Coxe
Proposed Resolution This resolution did not pass (not enough people present to vote on it critically and not enough information for those present in a short amount of time since no visuals or projector available or internet. The second resolution did pass by all present, the STOP COMMON CORE education.
Resolution # 1 proposed by current Precinct Leader Theresa Nielsen
Proper Disclosure, information and informed consent to the citizens of El Paso County about the content, duration and reasons for the Aerosol Spraying across our homes, businesses and Colorado Skies.

Chemical Aerosols  also occurring at El Paso County skies

Chemical Aerosols at El Paso County skies

Whereas the People of El Paso County have the right to be secured in there person and private properties we wish to know what is the content of the spray material, the duration for these sprays, and the reasons such as full disclosure of these activities being conducted without our informed consent or proper disclosure for we The People have the
right to be secured in our private property, physical bodies and land. The content of these undisclosed material could get into our food, air (lungs) and water supply affecting our health and environment. No part of the government in our Constitutional Republic has the authority to bypass the health concerns of we The People and according to former Nazi Nuremburg Trials no such entities can experiment on the population or our living environment via spraying toxic materials over the population or second guess the effects it will have on our human health to include farms or animals or conduct some kind of weather experimentation without the written consent, of those that will be directly affected without proper disclosure and or acceptance of the population at large and specifically The Citizens of El Paso County.

Whereas, all states have the right to protect their offspring, health, land, farms and prevent the failure or inability to do so from the ill effects of the continued spraying of undisclosed chemicals or gases that may harm them by these long term aerosol spraying activities, be it so that the leaders of El Paso County ask for full disclosure to provide its citizens and its voters to include all affected populations about the duration and reasons for such activities and investigate the effects it could have on our economy, animal, farm and human health.
NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the party opposes that these activities continue without the proper informed consent to the citizens of El Paso County and a similar Resolution was not considered two years ago leaving citizens to deal on their own with negative effects to their farms, landscape on private property, businesses, etc, that is occurring to them today.
Therefore, Be it resolved that, it shall be the position of the Republican Party, its members and elected officials to investigate, study and demand that all public officials from El Paso County investigate these activities and later pass on the information as to the content, duration and reasons to the public that is and will be affected by these continued activities

Votes for this resolution _______
Votes against this resolution _______

Resolution # 2 brought to attention by Gordon Klingenschmitt, PhD

Parent Led Reform
Your Participation Is Needed
March 4, 2014
If you are a registered voter affiliated with a major political party by January 4, 2014, attend your local caucus March 4th, 2014.
Confirm the caucus process with your county party.
Introduce your resolution during the appropriate time during the caucus. Say why you support it and ask your fellow caucus attendees to pass it.
If enough precincts pass a resolution, your county party may put it on the ballot at the county assembly for consideration to add it to the county platform.
Vote for delegates that oppose common core to the county and state assemblies- or consider running as a delegate yourself!
Simple Resolution attached below.

WHEREAS, the 10th amendment of the United States Constitution makes education a matter of local control, and the state of________________________ is a local control state, where local school boards are constitutionally granted broad discretion in setting curriculum and standards for their students; and

WHEREAS, Common Core Standards require government collection of student private information without parental notification or permission; and
WHEREAS Common Core Standards are in violation of The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), because the standards are not research based as IDEA requires, and by denying children with special needs services guaranteed in regards to testing support and IEP’s; and
WHEREAS, Common Core Standards are an unfunded mandate, which were approved by the State School Board without fiscal note to taxpayers, and;
WHEREAS there is no evidence that high stakes testing has a positive result on student achievement.

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the party opposes to a one-size-fits-all application of the Common Core Standards, because education shall be a matter of local control, and school districts should retain broad latitude in establishing customized, rigorous and high standards and guidelines for the maximum educational attainment of all students in their local communities. More specifically, the party opposes to the uniform imposition of Common Core Standards, because the standards have not been tested prior to implementation and we cannot gamble with children’s academic quality. Further, the party is opposed to collection of personal data of children, which is intended to be part of a personably identifiable biometric fingerprint, that follow the child for life. The risks of data breach, or information misuse, have not been properly addressed and cannot be guaranteed. In addition, a program as financially taxing as the Common Core Standards, which requires the replacement of every textbook, and re-training of all teachers, and the purchase of expensive technology, should at the minimum be required fiscal review and a vote by legislature, if not by ballot, prior to acceptance. Taxpayers, parents, teachers and especially children in this state deserve a diligent debate prior to adopting an unproven education agenda. The party shall hereby support legislative, executive, and judicial actions that oppose Common Core Standards and similar programs.

Caucus March 4, 2014 Assembly Process Summary

Note: to find your voter Registration click here, Voter Registration Secretary of State.

Caucus Locations: Visit webpage here elpaso.coloradogop.us

Colorado Springs Precinct 405 Caucus Location:

405 15C Sand Creek HS 7005 N. Carefree Circle Colo Spgs 80922

Caucus: Information sent via e-mail to inform voters and participants.

Dear Republicans:

The caucuses are Tuesday, March 4, which is two weeks from today.

Our very own Gary Turley, Vice Chair of House District 17, has, for your benefit, summarized the various components of the caucus-assembly process. Find that summary beneath my signature below.

Please remember that county delegates pay $30 and county alternates $15; state delegates pay $60 and state alternates $40; and 5th Congressional District delegates and alternates pay nothing.

If you plan on running for a position that incurs a fee, bring a checkbook to your caucus or be prepared to pay with a credit card via the donation page of our website. The caucus-assembly process is not an inexpensive proposition, but the burden is bearable when every participant pitches in. We ask for payment the night of the caucus.

For your caucus location, please see the front page of our website.


Daniel Cole
Executive Director
El Paso County Republican Party
(719) 578-0490


The caucus is held every two years in even-numbered years on the first Tuesday in March. In Presidential election years, major parties may hold the caucuses on the first Tuesday in February. At the caucus, future leaders in the Republican Party are elected to offices of responsibility.


All registered Republicans.


At the caucus, we elect precinct leaders and delegates and alternate delegates to the El Paso County Assembly and other assemblies, which this year include the 5th Congressional District Assembly and the State Assembly. To be elected delegate or alternate at any of the higher assemblies (5th Congressional District and State), one must first be elected a delegate or alternate to the El Paso County Assembly.

Any resident of the precinct may attend the caucus, but only registered Republicans may vote or be heard.

Precinct Leaders (two per precinct) are elected by neighbors who live within the precinct and attend the caucus. Precinct leaders serve for two years. They are responsible for organizing their precincts to aid in get-out-the-vote efforts. Precinct leaders enlist the help of neighbors by designating block captains. Walking precincts and meeting people face-to-face are the most important duties of the precinct leader.

Delegates and Alternates are elected by neighbors who live within the precinct to represent them at other assemblies. An equal number of delegates and alternates are elected at the caucus. The number of delegates and alternates is determined by a formula related to votes cast in a previous election. When electing delegates, the caucus is essentially selecting representatives to speak for it at assemblies on matters of policy and select candidates for county and state elections.

At the caucus, electors may submit resolutions for consideration by the Resolutions Committee for inclusion into the Republican Party Platform.


The post-caucus division leader meetings are held between 5 and 7 days after the caucuses.


All precinct leaders within their designated divisions.

At the division meetings, additional delegates and alternates to the higher assemblies are elected. Alternates are then ranked to determine the sequence they will be called to fill a vacancy among the elected delegates.


The County Assembly is held every two years in even-numbered years.


County delegates and county alternates who were elected at the caucus.


The County Assembly is a large gathering of all of the various districts. The Chairman of the El Paso County Republican Central Committee issues the call (notice) and presides at the gathering.

At this meeting, precinct leaders who were elected at the caucuses will be ratified.

Delegates and/or alternates who were elected at the caucuses will select candidates to appear on the primary ballot for election to their respective districts. For example, delegates elected at the precincts located in House District 18 will vote to determine which candidate or candidates will appear on the primary ballot, which will determine the Republican nominee for state representative for District 18.

Each of the districts in the county, as well as the county as a whole, will hold meetings to select candidates for State Senator, State Representative, County Commissioner, County Sheriff, etc.

If a candidate receives 30% of the votes at the county assembly, he or she will automatically appear on the primary ballot. If a candidate receives between 10% and 30% of the votes, he or she may petition onto the primary ballot.

The County Assembly also votes on those resolutions submitted at the caucuses that have been approved by the County Resolutions Committee.

This year, the El Paso County Assembly will be held on March 29.


The 5th Congressional District Assembly is held every two years in even-numbered years. This is a multi-county assembly generally held the day before the State Assembly.


Delegates and alternates who were elected to the 5th Congressional District Assembly at the caucuses and post-caucus division meetings.


This assembly is held for the purpose of selecting a candidate for United States Representative for the 5th Congressional District to appear on the primary ballot.

Delegates and alternates to the National Convention are also elected at this assembly, if allocated.

This year, the State Assembly will be held on April 11.


The Colorado State Republican Assembly is held every two years in even-numbered years.


Delegates and alternates who were elected to the State Assembly at the precinct caucuses and post-caucus division meetings.


Select candidates for state-wide elections (Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, etc).

Elect a national committeeman and national committeewoman to represent Colorado at the Republican National Committee.

Elect delegates and alternate delegates to the National Convention.

The state assembly also votes on those resolutions submitted by the county assemblies and approved by the State Resolutions Committee.

This year, the State Assembly will be held on April 12.

More information on Governors race and candidates will be posted soon. Media press on the February 18, 2014 candidates gubernatorial debate was a bit limited since Tancredo and Scott chose to wait it out to let the dust settle preparing for battle.